"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
National Forum
National Forum
Citizen’s political union – “National Forum”

Chairman – kakhaber Shartava

Members of political Council: Revaz Shavishvili, Gubaz Sanikidze, Nodar Javakhishvili, Irakli Gobejishvili.

Political party “National Forum” was founded in November 2006. The founding conference of the party was held on December 25, 2006. According to charter, the governing body is the Political Council of 5 persons, including the party chairman.
In 2008 snap parliamentary elections, the party was united in bloc - United Opposition - National Council of Rights. According to official information the block received 14% However, due to falsified results, the decision was adopted by the bloc of opposition parties and the National Forum along with other opposition parties, refused parliamentary mandate in protest.
During 2008 parliamentary elections, National Forum had candidates in 7 Election Districts, between opposition candidates they were nominated for the highest results.

O / c & National Forum is a qualified party that, according to the Georgian legislation, is financed from the state budget, as well as donations and membership fees of party members.

The 5 major program priorities:

To make the constitutional reform. The management of the transition from the presidential model. Administrative and financial decentralization, strong self-development;

Liberalization of business. In this regard, the country is facing today - one of the most important problems, free business - legal guarantees high performance and to improve tax legislation.

To construct modern system based on Justice, and equality of access to health care the (1. Detailed study of the situation in the health care system and Prioritize the problems whose solution in a relatively short period of time in certain areas of the real sector will lead to positive change.

The social sphere, first of all, pension reform and pension plans to change the Soviet model;
Fair electoral environment.


Georgia, Tbilisi, Lvovi street. # 82 g, 0160

Tel: (+995 32) 37 80 88; 37 90 91;
Fax: (+995 32) 99 65 77


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