"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
the European Democrats
the European Democrats
Political Union of Citizens the European Democrats (the old name We Ourselves)
Chairman: Paata Davitaia
The faction was founded on May 18 0f 2006
The main priorities of faction ideology:
The general program priorities:
Strengthen country’s territorial integrity and in this regard - democracy, development of economic and legal issues. Develop economic strength of Georgia’s regions and self-reliance of the police and army demilitarization.
The program priorities of the party –State. System arrangement: parliamentary, unitary.
From 2009 the party is a member of an international organization IDG .
The founders were: The Speaker, Valerie Tchelidze, Marika Kashia.
The organic structure:
The governing body of the party is the Congress
The main body is the Executive Committee, which shall be elected for 4 years, and is composed of 15 members.
The Chairman is elected for 4 years term.
The number of party members 30000; active members 1500;

Tbilisi; general Kvenitadze str. 14

Telephone (+995 32) 230-78-71
Political Party “We Ourselves” was created in 2006, whose main objectives were:
• helping to restore the territorial integrity;
• Democratic, legal state building and European structures aspiration;
•Legal and social protection of human rights.
Since its creation, the party is actively involved in the establishment of these principles.
“We Ourselves” coming from party principles, has been actively involved in the fight for democratic values, which in 2007 was shown by creating united opposition which established the Saguramo manifesto.
In the autumn of 2007, the country’s political crisis arose out of the need to unite the opposition parties, was developed a general strategy, according to which the factions participated in the 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections. After counting of votes in parliamentary elections bloc Joint Opposition (National Council, New Rights) took the second place.
Coming from faction principles, in spite of the variety of opinions in the election bloc, political union, “We Ourselves” decided to work of the ropes and refused to boycott the parliament.
Based on the results of the 2008 parliamentary elections, the political party “We Ourselves” has become a qualified election subject obtained state funding and the right to appoint members of the Electoral Commission.
In 2008 he took active part in all Agreements, which served the country’s democratic, legal and rational values, which is reflected later in the work of the committees:
• Commission on constitutional amendments;
• Election Code of the NDI-format;
• Election Code Working with EFES-format;
• List - the list of voter’s commission
During the 2008 Russian invasion of the country was particularly challenged the need for international support. From this point, it’s for a party - one of the most important challenges.
2010 local government elections the party participated together with Christian-Democratic Movement with the electoral bloc CDM - Christian - Democratic Union. After counting the votes, it became the second block of the country, resulting in a P / G the European Democrats established their own factions in 5 a self-governing units and gained 20 seats in different regions.
Since 2010, the party was represented by a delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the European Democratic Union of the group, where the leader of the party Paata Davitaia in 2011-2012 was the Vice - President of the appointment. In 2011 the name of the faction was changed.
The political union “We Ourselves” has changed its name to “European Democrats”. Basic principle remains:
• An independent, democratic, legal Georgian - European construction;
• The pursuit of European institutions;
• Democratic principles, human, legal, and social rights and freedoms;
• Based on national and universal ideals of national self-consciousness raising and caring for the nation’s unification.
Party of European Democrats matched to the principles of AECER- for that reason, it was decided to join the party.
A party participated in the parliamentary elections of October 1, 2012, along with election bloc CDM. Unfortunately, it failed to collect votes necessary to overcome the obstacle. Nevertheless European Democrat continue to work according the new political reality in the country, is intensely involved in inter-factional parliamentary group.
Party participates in the 2013 presidential election.
The party’s presidential candidate is former Chairman of the Central Election Commission Zurab Kharatishvili.

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