"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Political Union of Georgian Citizens "Samshoblo" (Homeland)
03 June, 2014
Motto: Spiritual Development of Georgia will unite it and will save large part of the population
Political direction: centrist
Main program priorities:
Economy: the best state formation for workers and the whole Georgia based on national traditions. Part should be taken from Capitalism, part from Feudalism and so on.
Foreign Policy: peaceful coexistence, settlement of all disputes amicably, peacefully, no violence.
Territorial Arangement of the state: unitary-regional (Georgia must be a unitary state, mono-management. 7 regions the same as 7 sides of our star are: Abkhazia, Ajara, Imereti, Samegrelo, Samtskhe Javakheti, Kartli, Kakheti)
System Arrangement of the state: presidential. (President is necessary, but there should be an active parliament, that will control all activities of the president and will adopt appropriate laws for welfare of population and the state).
Date of founding: 1989. First registration: 1995, new registration: 1998.
Founders: Milheil Gogoberidze, Berdo Goishvili, Koba Arabuli, Levan Pruidse Tengiz Chkheidse and others.
The party members initially belonged to the party People's Front. The party is a law successor of "Mamulis Agorszineba" (homeland's Revival), from 1995 - "Samshoblo" (home¬land).
Organisational structure: congress (once every 2 years) - administ¬ration (is elected for a 2-year term, 19 members: Omar Tskhvaradse - a chairman, Tengiz Chkheidse - a deputy chairman, German Begiashvili - a speaker) - Omar Tskhvaradse - a chairman (elected for a 2-year term, by majority, last elected in 1997).
Chairman: Omar Tskhvaradze, born in1944, in Vani, a mechanical engineer, a politician, in 1967 graduated from Department of Mechanics at Georgia Politechnical Institute, in 1980 graduated from the Central Committee of Communist Party higher School got higher political-party education. Professional experience: 1959-1962 - a worker at Vani Conserve factory, 1969-1975 - Deputy secretary of Vani Comsomol rayon committee, a director of Cekavshiri industrial factory. 1975-1977 - a mechanical engineer at Tbilisi inst¬rumental works, 1977-1985 - a general direc¬tor of Enterprise "Higiena", at present - a director of LTD "Sachino 7". Political experience: a chairman of the party "Samshoblo", elected in December 1998, for a 2-year term, before: a head of organisational unit. Participated in 1995 elections as a majority candidate from Vani election district did not get an MP. Participates in 1999 elections as a majority candidate, as well as by party list.
Married: wife: Nana Lotidse, a child.
Political background:
The party individually participated in 1990 parliamentary elections and received 1.2% of votes and was not represented in the Parliament.
Pre-election program priorities: independent Georgia
The party individually participated in 1992 parliamentary elections and received about 3% of votes and was represented in the Parliament by 1 MP.
Pre-election program priorities: totally independent Georgia, withdraw Russian troops.
The party individually participated in 1995 parliamentary elections and received 1.2% of votes and was not
represented in the Parliament.
Pre-election program priorities: to create economically strong state
In 1991 presidential elections the party supported Z. Gamsakhurdia.
In 1995 presidential elections the party supported E. Shevardnadze.
The party partially supports the course of current government. The party fully agrees with the foreign course, but does not agree with home affairs, none of the populations' social problems have been settled, while the standard of living is decreasing.
The party is registered in CEC, grounds: an MP - Vladimer Baluashvili,
Pre-election program: although the party is untied in the bloc, it has its own opinions on the state development issues. Namely we regard that at the and of the millennium, seduction and purification of states and nations takes place, as the earth population is 6 billion and if the process of multiplication continues, in 25 years there will be over 20 billion people on the earth, that can not be fed by the existing products. The Bible tells us that in the third millennium, one third of the population will survive, therefore our motto is to inform the population about the divine or natural processes taking place on the earth, in order to raise their faith as much as possible. The population can be saved through a comparatively harmless process of purification.

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