"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Citizens' Political Union "Union of Georgian Workers"
03 June, 2014
Political direction: left
Main program priorities:
Economics: move to socialist planned economics from capitalist market economics. All forms of property should be acceptable. Revival of economics oriented to socialist development, creating new industrial objects.
Foreign Policy: cardinal change of foreign policy, establishing really independent, free, integral state. Georgia must not become a part of any other state or a satellite state.
Territorial Arrangement of the state: federal
System Arrangement of the state: parliamentary
Political background:
Date of founding: 1999
Founders: Badri Sisvadse, Tamaz Japoshvili, Tengiz Tevzadse
Organisational structure: congress (once every 3-4 years) - board (is elected for a 3-4-year term, 102 members) - board presidium, board session (is elected for a 3-4-year term, 17 members: Badri Sisvadse - a chairman, Tamaz Japoshvili, Tengiz Tevzadse, Tariel Chapichadse, Davit Tsertsvadse, Badri Melashvili, Besik Orjonikidse, Marina Gratashvili, Omar Khatiashvili, Davit Jhorjholiani, Tariel Kbilashvili, Arvelodi Tugushi, Venedi Peradse, Vajha Berianidse, Iuza Kutivadse, Suliko Latsabidse, Levan Chincharadse) - Badri Sisvadse - a chairman (is elected at the congress by open vote, for a 3-4 years term, elected 1999)
Chairman: Badri Sisvadse - (born 1952, in village Sisivadseebi, Sachkhere rayon), an economist. Graduated from the Department of Trade Organisation at Tbilisi State University. Professional experience: 1969-1971 - a worker at Sachkhere rayon village Korbouli collective economy unit, 1971-1973 - a worker at Tbilisi instrumental works. 1875-1981 - a worker at Tbilisi industrial unit "Electroavtomati". 1981-1999 - head of an industry unit at Tbilisi instrumental construction works. Political experience: 1986-1991 - was a member of Soviet Union Communist Party, 1999 - was elected a chairman of the Workers Union. Participates in 1999 elections by party list.
Married: wife - Nana Tsintsabadse and 2 children
Political Political background:
The party does not support the present government political course for it establishes a socially unfair system.
The party is registered in CEC, grounds: signatures of supporters, an authorised representative - Nodar Buchukuri
Pre-election program priorities: Restoration of renewed Soviet social system, change of foreign political course according to interests of Georgia, equally loyal attitude to all religious confessions. Strict keeping of supremacy of law, discipline of human rights and order. Move to socialist planned economics from capitalist market economics. All forms of property should be acceptable in conditions of labour exploitation. Creation of equal rights. Unfair property and social division will be liquidated. Population will be saved from poverty on the basis of renewed soviet socialist system. Priority and guaranteed financing of national culture, health care, education, social welfare, physical culture and sports. The final aim of the party is to establish revived integral, prosperous country with all workers and honest people living in harmony regardless of ethnicity, religion, property, educational status, gender and age.

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