"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
“Nino Burjanadze - Democratic Movement” Election Program - 2016 Parliamentary Elections
“Nino Burjanadze - Democratic Movement” Election Program - 2016 Parliamentary Elections
Out of block Status

The party started collecting signatures to propose changes in the Constitution of Georgia. In particular, the following five paragraphs should be added to article 98 of the constitution: "based on the aims of protecting territorial integrity, defense and security, Georgia shall not join any international military blocs or alliances. It is unacceptable to locate military units of any military blocs or alliances within the territorial borders of Georgia recognized as of 1991."

Judicial System

Justice is linked to real independence of the judiciary, which, in its part, should be main foundation of electoral democracy in Georgia. First and second waves referred to as the reform of the judiciary by Georgian Dream, was found to be no more than pardon to those judges who co-created blood-stained regime of the United National Movement and legitimized with court rulings any violence it committed in those years. Therefore, Democratic Movement believes that:

A judge, as an independent authority, cannot be considered to be the victim of the political regime, in case court ruling issued unilaterally on behalf of Georgia by such judge is dictated by political environment. Therefore, he/she may only be considered as a co-creator of such regime and should immediately be removed from his/her post.

Procedure for electing and exercising power of the High Council of Justice should be revised. Elections should be carried out not during conferences closed for the judges, but rather, by means of public discussions, in respect of each applicant.

Range of continuous education of judges should increase to gain special knowledge and experience with regard to juvenile justice and financial-economic court disputes.

In accordance with current wording of the constitution of Georgia, guarantees of immunity of judges should be brought to correspond with the aims of the democratic society.


Education is perceived as a continuous process from preschool to higher education. Government should take entire responsibility for higher education. This will require additional costs, but modern practice shows that the most profitable investment is indeed the one made in education of future generations. In addition, the government should promote constant improvement of teacher qualifications, which means that from position of an examiner, the government should switch to the position of support and guarantor of gaining additional knowledge. Professional education should be made one of the leading fields enabling not only adolescents, but citizens of any age, to master a new profession and receive the skills required on the market.

A special foundation should be established for the purpose of sending students to foreign countries. Educational loans will be fully covered by the foundation in case students return to Georgia. Prognosis of jobs required on the market should be studied and programs for training appropriate specialists should be planned. The government should fund two-year professional colleges where young people can acquire a practical job, a craft, after secondary education. National exams should be abolished and similar to international practice, prospective students should go to universities in accordance with their high school exam results. This will be beneficial to students and universities, as well as general population. On the road to world class education system, this will be a necessary and effective step.

Economy Employment and territorial integrity

Reduction of taxes and simplification of tax legislation is necessary. This will encourage more investments including internal ones. The previous government simplified starting up business, but starting up perhaps only implied simplification of documents requirements. In fact, formally easily registered business had no prospects and government-affiliated business monopolies were established. Effective anti-monopoly service should deal with the monopolies, but Georgian Dream has not created such service either.

Two-digit indicator of economic growth:

Economic growth, first of all, means developing business oriented on export and internal market. To achieve this, foreign investment should be attracted to production business sector of economy. Reforming legislative changes are suitable to this end. The mentioned legislative package refers to development of corporate investment securities market. This initiative will present an opportunity for developing priority fields of economy and creating new jobs. In addition, business companies will have opportunity to replace bank-loan capital with investment capital, reducing prime cost of export products and increasing their competitiveness.

Introducing investment capital attraction stimulation mechanism in real economy sector will provide an opportunity to attract portfolio investments in the amount of 2 billion.

Small start-up businesses should be relieved from taxes during the first two years.

In order to stimulate establishing open stock companies, such companies should be exempted in accordance with the amounts directed towards dividends.

In order to promote development of investment market, new normative conditions will be introduced for stock brokers and favorable taxing mode will be set for them (income profit - 5%).
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