"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Presidential Elections 2013
First 10 candidates of "National Movement" for Tbilisi City Council members are known .
"United National Movement" has named 10 candidates for the post of Tbilisi City Council members.
CEC presented the numbers of election participant subject
The Central Election Commission estimated numbers of local election blocs and political parties participating in the elections. "Georgian Dream" ordinal number is 41, "United National Movement" is still will taking part in the elections with number 5
Beglar Sioridze starts his pre-election campaign
"Georgian Dream Candidate" for Ozurgeti mayoral post, Beglar Sioridze, began his campaign trail today with visiting "Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities".
Mimi Gabrichidze to fight for Kutaisi mayor post
Block “Non-Parliamentary Opposition” will name Mimi Gabrichidze for Kutaisi mayoral candidate.
UNM named Ramaz Tolordava for Chkhorotskhy governor candidate
“National Movement” leaders Gigi Ugulava and Giorgi Baramidze presented the candidate for Chkhorotskhy District Governor Ramaz tolordava.
Maia Kutubidze to fight for Chokhatauri Governor’ post
Chokhatauri district deputy governor, Maya Kutubidze is running for governor post in local self-government elections.
„Labor party “finished selection of Kutaisi Mayoral and Majoritarian candidates
„Labor party “finished selection of Kutaisi Mayoral and Majoritarian candidates,
Kutaisi headquarters chief of „Patriotic Alliance “left his post.
Chief of Kutaisi headquarters of „Georgia’s Patriotic Alliance“, Gogita Gogelashvili is leaving his post.
PM: the castle Mutso will be rehabilitated
Irakli Gharibashvili plans to personally arrive in Khevsureti region and get acquainted with all the current problems.
georgian Dream releases a statement regarding the incident at tskhaltubo headquarters
Electoral bloc "Georgian Dream" has the only one election office located on 4, Rustaveli Street, Tskaltubo district, headed by Jemal Pantskhava.
Irakli Gharibashvili to visit Shida Kartli
The Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili will visit Shida Kartli. The Prime Minister’s press service informs that Irakli Gharibashvili will meet agricultural workers of the Kaspi region and village Garejvari.
NDI chief comments on criticism
The chief of the NDI Georgia office, Luis Navaro has downplayed the criticism of the governmental officials towards the results of the recent survey
Narmania: Each of them is worried about the problems of the capital
The Georgian Dream Coalition’s Mayoral candidate Davit Narmania says that the coalition’s candidates for the City Council are worthy and professional people.
Georgian Dream names candidates for Tbilisi elections
The Georgian Dream has named its candidates for the Tbilisi elections. The candidates were nominated by Georgian Dream Tbilisi mayoral candidate Davit Narmania.
Georgian Dream to name majoritarian candidates today
The Georgian Dream will name majoritarian candidates for the Tbilisi government elections today,
They will never succeed in crushing one of the most patriotic powers in our country – Gigi Ugulava
By tricking us into giving them our election number 5, they will definitely not prove able to “cross out” our merits;
In the Presidential elections the National Movement has flaunted its power – Davit Bakradze
In the Presidential elections, the National Movement exhibited itself as a powerful and competitive power, and now it will make a strenuous effort to win in the forthcoming self-government elections,”
Nika Melia challenged Davit Narmania to televised debates
Tbilisi mayoral candidate of National Movement Nika Melia challenges Davit Narmania to televised debates, as Melia stated at a press conference held by National Movement today.
Giorgi Vashadze – No stepping back, we have to win
No stepping back, we have to win, one of the leaders of United National Movement said at the party’s’ congress. He stated that the party’s program is the best for all generations to be successful.
May 7, Meeting Results
At the May 7 meeting the Central Election Commission made amendments to the decree “on defining the rule for distribution and use of election funds necessary for conducting the 2014 Municipal Elections by the District Election Commissions”.