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"Non-parliamentary opposition” leaders to meet Martvili residents
"Non-parliamentary opposition” leaders to meet Martvili residents
"Non-parliamentary opposition" leaders today at the House of Culture Martivli, in the square of April 9, held a meeting with residents.

"Non-parliamentary opposition" press-service informs, that Kakha Kukava and Mamuka Katsitadze presented to locals, candidates in the district, along with a block program.

According to press-service of "Non-parliamentary opposition", a top priority for party is funding social programs, public employment, promotion of small and medium-sized businesses .
"All of this supports country’s middle class origins and growth of the Georgian economy. Moreover, the most important thing," opposition” plans in case of wining, is to change the existing system of governance” - the “non-parliamentary opposition," the statement said.

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