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International Center for Civic Culture starts an Information Campaign of self-Governance Reform
International Center for Civic Culture starts an Information Campaign of self-Governance Reform
Representatives of "International Center for Civic Culture" Kote Kandelaki, David Losaberidze, and Lado Bozhadze held a presentation of the project “Informational campaign for raising public awareness about self-government reform” at “Pirweli” press-club today.

As chairman of the board of the International Center for Civic Culture Kote Kandelaki said in terms of the project it is planned to prepare and disseminate relevant print and video materials; also, to arrange public meetings by representatives of the civil society, who were engaged in the reform process. He said that during the campaign information brochures will be made, as well as video clip and all information will disseminated through Internet websites and public meetings in 26 towns and villages.
According to project director David Losaberidze, government reform, which began in late 2012, aims at ambitious changes and it is important that the public has access to information about it.

“In no country where the self-government reform was implemented, it have not been as successful without real engagement of society and implementation of their interests. It was successful only where the activity was carried out. This is a reform that fundamentally changes the foundation of state and public life. In this case, the most important is that the public becomes aware of its new, real rights, and most importantly, actually use them, "- said Losaberidze.

Project Coordinator Mr. Bozhadze said, that for futture success of self-government reform it is important, that citizens understand their responsibility as well, which means to go to the polls, as well as the activities for which they are legally entitled to.

"As you know, a lot of scopes of central government had been handed over to local authorities. This is a chance to make all the minor problems that have been solved in the center, will be managed locally and newly elected governors and the City Council, together with citizens, starts to solve these problems with more enthusiasm, "- said Bozhadze.
Public awareness raising meetings start from tomorrow and will last until May 29. All citizens can attend the events.


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