NDI chief comments on criticism
NDI chief comments on criticism
The chief of the NDI Georgia office, Luis Navaro has downplayed the criticism of the governmental officials towards the results of the recent survey conducted by the organization in Georgia last month. The polls showed that the rating of the governmental officials have bee significantly fallen.
Luis Navaro says that any politician can disagree and disapprove the results of the pre-election poll; however, they always should pay attention to it
`The politician in the United States the only poll that matters is the one on election day. But that does not mean that they don`t pay attention what is in the polls prior to electron day. So regardless of whatever statements are being made, we have just briefed the delegation of the Georgian Dream officials on our poll. And as we have said it in our pre-election statement, you may not agree with it, but you definitely should pay attention to all of it,` Luis Navaro said.
The first official, who said he did not agree with the results of the polls, was the Vice Prime Minister.