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Nika Melia challenged Davit Narmania to televised debates
Nika Melia challenged Davit Narmania to televised debates
Tbilisi mayoral candidate of National Movement Nika Melia challenges Davit Narmania to televised debates, as Melia stated at a press conference held by National Movement today.
“I challenge all my rivals to televised debates, especially the governmental candidate Narmania. I’m confident we’ll manage to present our plans to Tbilisi residents in a dignified debate and enable the residents to make an acknowledged choice. Tbilisi deserves this”, Melia said.
Melia spoke about his election program. He says that public transport will be free for students, school children, pensioners and socially vulnerable and for other citizens it will be decreased to 20 tetri. Melia promises a decrease in income payments and utility expenses, employment for more people, to abolish excise tax on gas and fuel, amnesty on violations regarding business, restoration of stopped projects.
Melia said that nobody must appoint Tbilisi Mayor, but must be elected by the people. He said that Tbilisi residents have to tackle many problems “Their main problem is unemployment. No new work places are created, but even existing ones are lost. Economy has stopped, undeveloped infrastructure and increased criminal activity is a big problem. The government lacks skill and in incompetent and can’t fulfill promises. We must make Tbilisi work, create work places and we have a specific plan for this”, Tbilisi Mayoral Candidates said.

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