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UNM may loose election number
UNM may loose election number
According to the leader of the "National Movement" Davit Bakradze, the party considers that the CEC has made this decision under pressure from the government.

"We're going to create a technical bloc with the Christian-Conservative" Party and it seems that the government is very concerned about this, because we’ll be able to have a broader representation in the local government bodies. That’s why the government has done everything in recent days in order not to allow the creation of this bloc, but since this one has been registered anyway, the decision is made and the CEC has officially informed us about this today, as per which, the electoral bloc and our party will be deprived of the election number under which the "National Movement" had been participating in all the elections for 12 years. I want to clearly explain that there is no legislative or legal basis for such a decision there", - Bakradze stated.

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