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The report for the period of the election, about applications / appeals received and the judicial processes held with the participation of election administration
From the date of appointing elections until the end (July 1, 2013 - 12 November) election administration received a total of 417 application / complaint, about which detailed information can be found on the Web - page - http://sachivrebi.cec.gov.ge/

From 417 applications / complaints received by election administration, 43 were sent to the CEC, (see Appendix 1, Appendix 5), and DEC / PEC 374 application / complaint (see Appendix 2).

During the reporting period, 32 trials were held with the participation of the election administration. Including the participation of 13 trials, involving 6 DEC trial (see Appendix 4);

13 trials, connected with administrative violations the during reporting period, were immediately sent to the appropriate district / city courts, administrative review (see Appendix 3).

3 polling station results were abolished, also ballot box results in 5 polling stations. By the decision of DEC bulletins in 8 polling stations have been recounted, also by the decision of the court №22 Marneuli district commission was obliged to recount results in 3 electoral districts.

District Election Commission abolished:

№2 Vake district election commission results in №80 electoral district.

№59 Kutaisi district election commission results in №65 electoral district

№81 Kobuleti district election commission results in №65 electoral district

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