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Mikheil Saakashvili makes statement regarding the President's residence
Mikheil Saakashvili makes statement regarding the President's residence
According to the president of Georgia, the palace has not been Misha's palace and it should remain the President’s palace for centuries.
"I had a great privilege and I am enormously grateful to my people that we had the capability to do everything to change Georgia for the better for 9 years due to mandate granted by our people. We have changed not only Georgia but the whole former Soviet Union. When talking about the fact that Misha has built Batumi, Telavi, Kvareli or Lazika and new places of the old city, naturally, it is done by certain people - our citizens. I have not worked physically myself. That’s why I am grateful to people who followed me in this battle. I will always respect them. I have said it earlier and I will say this now too that Misha’s generation had been created – this is a generation of our compatriots, representatives of all ethnic groups living in Georgia. It is very important to care for these people,"- the president said.

According to the president, the presidential palace has not been built just for him and the building should remain the residency for centuries.

"The main thing is always to be oriented on the future. For example, a horrible dispute about the palace has been taking place throughout these days. Georgia has not had the president's palace for centuries because the invader did not want it. It is a symbol of our statehood. This building should be only the president's palace - nothing else, because it was built for this purpose and was not a fit for Misha. It should have been remained for centuries,"- the president said.
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