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Presidential inauguration program is known
Presidential inauguration program is known
The inauguration ceremony will be held in four locations. In particular, a celebration concert and reception for the foreign guests will be held in the inner yard of the Parliament building, at the Heroes' Square and at the Rustaveli Theater - foreign Minister Maya Panjikidze said after the meeting of the Governmental Inauguration Commission.

"Real European elections were held in Georgia on October 27 and therefore, the inauguration will also be of European standards. Even in big European countries inaugurations are often held in Parliament buildings. We cannot afford it in Tbilisi, so we decided this inauguration to be simple and not expensive. We decided to hold the inauguration ceremony in the inner yard of the Parliament building in Tbilisi. Apart from this event, there will be a military component. In addition, Georgian anthem will be performed and Georgian flag will be erected and a small ceremony will be held at the Heroes' Square where the President will take an oath and then he will pay tribute to the memory of the heroes of Georgia. Another event is a celebration concert, which will be held at the Rustaveli Theatre, while the fourth event will be a reception for foreign guests,"- said Panjikidze.
The Minister suggested that the duration of the events dedicated to the inauguration ceremony will last from 13:00 till 18:00.

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