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New President of Georgia to take oath on 17 November
New President of Georgia to take oath on 17 November
The new President of Georgia will take the oath on 17 November. As soon as the new president takes the oath, the acting president’s authority will end.

The Constitution and President’s order adopted in 2001 on “rule of arranging protocol events in Georgia” determines the issues related to the inaugural ceremony. the ceremony will be held according to this document. According to the constitution, the inauguration will be held on the third week from the day of elections. On the day of inauguration, the President a lays wreath at Ilia Chavchavadze cemetery at the Mtatsminda pantheon.

Chairperson of parliament, Prime Minister, Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia, chairperson of the Constitutional Court, Chairperson of the Supreme Court and chairperson of the CEC will receive the President and his family members in the foyer of the President’s outbuilding in parliament.
A symphony orchestra will be placed in front of the tribune and the orchestra of the Ministry of Defense on the opposite side of the street. A corridor of the honorary guard will be placed in the central entry of parliament. Units of Georgian armed forces stand on Rustaveli Avenue; it is declared in the beginning of the inauguration of the President: “The President of Georgia”. The soldiers of the honorary guard open the gate; the President, wife and the Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia take their places in the armchairs near the tribune. The President’ family members and others accompanying take places near the tribune. The chairperson of the Constitutional Court gives a speech and calls the President to take the oath.

As soon as the oath is completed, the state anthem is performed, the state flag will be raised. The President of Georgia will address the nation. A Military parade starts. The President salutes the attending public representatives.

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