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Saakshvili - presidential elections will not determine everything in Georgia
Saakshvili - presidential elections will not determine everything in Georgia
Today we have to make the choice in order to minimize the inflicted harm - announced President Saakshvili.

As the President asserts, after the Parliamentary elections, when power was transferred to one particular political force, all major projects have been stalled in Georgia.
’All of us see perfectly well that the state dwells in stagnation. A great deal of harmful tendencies can also be detected; and these tendencies must be exacerbated in due course. As long as a President is planned to be deprived of the right to control the executive government, these Presidential elections definitely do not determine everything in Georgia. From this it automatically follows that the Presidential institute will not impact Georgia’s trivial life any more”, stated the president.

As Mikheil Saakshvili announced, the government is expected to function under the parliament rule; and a new epoch in Georgia’s life will mark the beginning of a new democratic rule when people will be entitled to the right to control the government via the parliament. According to Saakshvili’s words, the president’s authority is rather symbolic, however, if taking into account that symbolism is also extremely important for a Georgian, the overall result of the elections also cannot been deemed as insignificant.

Georgia’s outgoing president made the aforementioned comment on Zandukeli Street, at the house where he resided before coming into power. As he informed the journalists, after the inauguration of the new president, he plans to return to this very house.

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