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“Human Right Center” - Presidential Elections are held in a relatively calm atmosphere
“Human Right Center” - Presidential Elections are held in a relatively calm atmosphere
As the “Human Right Center” announces, if compared with the already held Parliamentary elections, today’s Presidential elections are being conducted in a relatively peaceful and just atmosphere. However, certain drawbacks in this direction have still been detected; The executive director, Aleko Tskitishvili declared at the election media center press conference, that the voters are neither delivered to the polling stations via micro buses nor do the parties’ coordinators exert their control on them any more; he also added that the number of Special polling stations has also visibly reduced.

As Aleko Tskhitishvili alleges, the ballot shortage and the multitude of unfamiliar NGO names encountered at the polling stations can also be defined as one of the drawbacks of the lections. On top of that, voters sometimes appear to encounter two representatives standing for one and the same party. The fact that the ballots - in which a voter marks all the presented candidates and in this way shows his\her protest - are announced as a lost vote must be deemed as an imperfection of the present election process.

As for definite instances of law violations, as the “Human Right Center” has found out, at the 48th polling station people gave votes by neglecting some legally determined procedures. Certain shortcomings were detected at No 33 polling station too.

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