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Voting Process of Polling Stations Public Movement Multinational Georgia Announcement October 27 17:00
Voting Process of Polling Stations Public Movement Multinational Georgia Announcement October 27 17:00
Public Movement - Multinational Georgia implements October 27, 2013 presidential elections Observational Program in Samtskhe - Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli, mainly populated with ethnic minorities, through 250 observers. 200 Short Term Observers (STO); 9 – district election commission (DEC), 40 – Mobile Group Observers (MGO), and 1 – Central Election Commission (CEC) observers.

PMMG has been carried out elections monitoring programs since 2003. The programs have been specially desiged and implemented to promote the transparency of electoral process as well as the realizaion of electoral process in an efficient manner. Primary focus of PMMG elections observation programs has been put on Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Shida Kartli densely populated by ethnic minorty groups as well as the Capital.

According to the electoral findings ralated to the period of 8:00 – 16:00, it can be concluded that the process of voting has been conducted mainly in accordance with the requirement of electoral law.

STOs have identified the following electoral shortcomings for the period of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm:

• Secrecy of ballot at the polling station No. 5 in #22 Marneuli was violated - Control paper was inserted into the ballot box together with the ballot paper put into the envelope. The complaint was filed by the observer. However, the complaint has not been satisfied by the PEC.

• In #22 Marneuli, at the polling station #42 at PMMG’s observer detected two cases, when the registrar handled already circled (marked) ballot to the voters. – #41 was circled in the ballot. PMMG observer corded the case by video camera. After that the video recording were banned by the commission. The complaint written by PMMG observer was rejected by Election Commission.

There are detected some other drawbacks as well:
• In Precinct #55 in #22 Marneuli, PMMG observer shares that according to the casting only 1 member of the commission follows ballot box, instead of two persons. The observer suggested to cast again and the situation improved.
• In #22 Marneuli #4 precinct the control paper was inserted in to the ballot box without putting the signature of the first voter. The complaint was filed by the observer. However, the protest has not been met by the PEC. According to the electoral law the observer can require the annulment of the result of the voting. voters participating in the ballot casting through proper documentation;

During this period there have not been detected incidents of violance, intimidation and pressure;

Furthermore, according to the findings of the STOs there have not been asses when the voter could not cast a vote because of language barrier.

10 Call Center operators (CCOs) are engaged at PMMG’s office to record and proccess electoral findings as identified and provided to the office.
Observational program is supported by two lowiers specilized in electoral low.
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