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Election day observation results, as for 15:00
Election day observation results, as for 15:00
GYLA continues monitoring the course of election day at 36 Election districts both in Tbilisi and regions.
Polling process is taking place in a calm environment.As for 15:00, procedural violations are identified in several precincts.During the last several hours, GYLA observers revealed several types of violations, complaints have been compiled. According to our evaluation, the violations were mainly conditioned by ignorance of Elections Code.

Problems regarding filling out control sheet
Problems were identified regarding filling out control sheet. In Martvili #35 and Gurjaani #28 PEC, control sheet was dropped in ballot box without indication of time. GYLA observers compiled complaints regarding above mentioned fact.

Voting instead of another person
Voter was unable to vote at Didube #24 PEC, as the signature was already detected across his/hers name.

Problems regarding mobile-box voter-lists.
At #31 PEC of Chokhatauri Distctict, problems were detected regarding mobile box lists. Voters, enrolled to mobile box lists, were not identified.

Facts of physical violence between observers
Outside Krtsanisi #26 PEC physical clash took place, between representatives of two observational organizations –International Observatory of Attorneys and Lawyers and Choice.

Problems regarding complaints‘ submission
At #4 precinct of Khelvachauri District commission chairperson refused to submit a complaint. Chairperson’s responsibility has been demanded. Turmoil has been detected at #24 precinct of Chughureti District, where chairperson refused to register one of the voter’s complaint, arguing that the violation took place outside the polling place. At Chughuret # 23 PEC while submitting a complaint, the commission issued complaint submission note, without corresponding requisitions. Note was lacking commission chairperson’s signature and a stamp.

Voting with irrelevant documentations
At Nadzaladevi #100 special precinct, 6 persons voted using copy versions of their Identification Cards. Complaint has been compiled regarding the fact. At Nadzaladevi #77 PEC, an attempt to vote using driving license was detected. With interference of GYLA observer, the fact has been eliminated.

Violations of casting lots procedures
At Khelvachauri #4 and 14 PECs procedural violations of casting lots has been identified. I n both case, disciplinary responsibility has been demanded.

Different type of procedural violations while polling
At the building of Rustavi District # 27 presinct there was posted an announcement about pulling out one of the balloting entity - Akaki Asatiani’s candidacy. After indication made by GYLA observer on this violation it was eliminated at once. Such breach was in place also in Didube district # 4 precinct, where in the polling booth out of the list of candidates Nino Burjanadze’s name was marked. GYLA observer demanded to eliminate this violation and it was immediately done.

Other important violations of the polling process
There are cases when local observing organizations are represented by more than 1 observer at the presincts, which is a breach of the law. Facts of the kind are detected in Chughureti and Didube districts. Among these organizations are “Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights”, “Green Land”, “Free Choice” and “International Observatory of Attorneys and Lawyers”.

In Saburtalo district on the territory of precinct # 73 at 9 a.m. there were mobilized a group of people that were recording persons who came to vote. Hereby, we’ll explain, that the above mentioned action is interpreted as an indirect control over the voters’ choice, which is completely irrelevant.

Up to now GYLA’s observers already compiled 20 complaints of these violations and registered more than 40 remarks in the special log book.

Starting from the date of registration in 1994, GYLA is very active in monitoring legislative, executive and local government’s elections and strives to support elections to be held in a peaceful and fair environment, and ensure that election processes be conducted in full correspondence with legislation.

On October 27th, the Presidential Election Day GYLA will have more than 400 observers at 36 precincts of Tbilisi and 8 regions.

Static observers are placed on the whole territory of Georgia in more than 220 polling stations. Mobile groups are observing 36 polling stations. GYLA is also observing the special polling stations, in the districts of ethnic minorities and polling stations of those districts where during previous elections gross violations were reported.

It’s worth mentioning that a hot-line is provided on the election day through which both citizens and journalists can get legal consultations about polling procedures.

Hot-line number is: 218-26-11

In addition, all the relevant information re elections will be posted on www.electionsportal.ge, where anyone can write about violations they witnessed in the online ad hoc form and by free of charge SMS at the number 90039.

GYLA plans to organize two more briefings on the Election Day reporting results of observation at the NGO Media Center (at the address: 34/36 Kobuleti Street).

Next briefings will be at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. and on October 28th GYLA will make summing up evaluation of the elections and will organize a briefing at 12:00 p.m.

Monitoring mission of the Presidential Election Day and post-election period conducted by GYLA is financially supported by USAID, NDI, OSGF. Speculations mentioned in the statement belong to GYLA solely and might not enshrine opinions of OSGF, NDI, USAID or USA Government
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