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By 9:00 polling process was taking place in a calm environment. The majority of precincts observed by GYLA monitors were fully equipped with necessary voting equipment and ready for opening procedures. At several precincts, mostly special precincts, GYLA monitors had problems entering PECs. Problems also occurred during casting of lots and control sheet filling out process.

GYLA has detected following procedural violations:
1. Problems regarding GYLA observer’s admission to precinct
From 7:00 to 8:00, GYLA observers had problems admitting polling places. Above mentioned problems had been detected at 7 precincts, 4 of them being special precincts. At Mtatsminda #40 PEC, Samgori #119 PEC and Gori #109 PEC, GYLA observers were asked to leave their IDs outside the polling station, however once they were admitted to the precinct, they were not allowed to leave it without presenting theirs IDs. With the help of CEC, above mentioned problem was sorted out.
Admitting problems also occurred at Didube #57 PEC. GYLA observer was told that he/she could not be admitted to the precinct, as the identification card for GYLA and other organization’s observer were issued under the same code. Similar problem occurred to GYLA observer at Khashuri #53 PEC. He/She was told that Observer ID was already issued for another GYLA observer, at the above mention precinct.
2 problems occurred as the observer was not being admitted to the precinct, for showing up late. These facts were detected at Didube #12 and Gldani #18 PECs.
2. Casting of lots Violations
Casting of lots violations was detected at Saburtalo #67 and #3 PECs. At Saburtalo #67 PEC chairperson registered commission member as a registering clerk, without casting a lots. The same problem occurred at Saburtalo #3 election precinct. Didube #53 precinct the flow settler tried to willfully exchange duty and follow the ballot box. Baghdat #23 precinct commission members willfully exchanged their duties.
3. Violations during filling out control sheet
At #76 precinct of Saburtalo Distric, Kutaisi #65, Samgori #97 and Isani #45 PECs, problems occurred during control sheet filling out procedures. At #76 PEC, indication of time was omitted in the control sheet. At Kutaisi #65, Saburtalo #76, Samgori #97 and Isani #45 Pecs control sheet was dropped in, before the first voter showed up at the polling place.
4. Delayed start of voting at polling stations.
Delayed opening was detected at #52 and #1 PECs of Dusheti District. Damaged inking equipment was stated as the reason for delayed start of voting process.
5. Elections Administration Competence.
Election administration competence is rather low at Sagarejo #11 DEC, mostly at the ethnic minorities’ populated precincts.
6. Election Documentation problems.
Lack of ballot-paper was observed at #19 Precinct of Samgori District, Krtsanisi #56, Didube#56, Chughureti #44, Khashuri #10, Gori #49, 33, 67 and Kaspi #22 PECs.

As for 9:00, GYLA Observers compiled 10 complaints and detected 13 remmarks in logbook.

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