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Opening procedures of Polling Stations PMMG Announcement
Opening procedures of Polling Stations PMMG Announcement
Public Movement - Multinational Georgia implements October 27, 2013 presidential elections Observational Program in Samtskhe - Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli, mainly populated with ethnic minorities, through 250 observers. 200 Short Term Observers (STO); 9 – district election commission (DEC), 40 – Mobile Group Observers (MGO), and 1 – Central Election Commission (CEC) observers.
PMMG has been carried out elections monitoring programs since 2003. The programs have been specially desiged and implemented to promote the transparency of electoral process as well as the realizaion of electoral process in an efficient manner. Primary focus of PMMG elections observation programs has been put on Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Shida Kartli densely populated by ethnic minorty groups as well as the Capital.

PMMG is pleased to present the summery of electoral finding obtained by the regionally deployed observers regarding the oppening and setting up of the polling stations as well as a voting process. According to the findings provided by the STOs by 9:30 the follwoing conclusions can be drown:

• PMMG observer was not allowed to 3rd polling station at # Bolnisi. According to the information provided by the observer, PEC members locked the doors and there were no contacts with them. The problem is resolved by the intervention of PMMG lawyer and the observer have been allowed into the polling station at 7:50;
• "Multinational Georgia" Legal observer was not allowed to #41 Ninotsminda PS #25. The observer have been allowed into the polling station only at 7:40.
• #40 Akhalkalaki #55 PEC blocked the area of registration table in 3 metres distance and no observers were allowed to coduct complete observation there.
• There were detected violations during the process of casting at #4 polling station in #41 Ninotsminda.
• PMMG observers at polling stations, they are conducting the observation, identify lack of ballot papers.
• According to the information provided by PMMG observers, there are less voting cabins, than it is required at the polling stations in #22 Marneuli and #41 Ninotsminda polling stations.

10 Call Center operators (CCOs) are engaged at PMMG’s office to record and proccess electoral findings as identified and provided to the office.
Observational program is supported by two loyers specialized in electoral law.

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