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By 12 PM the voter turnout of was17.15%
By 12 PM the voter turnout of was17.15%

The Central Election Commission presented the information about voter turnout to the media representatives. As of 12:00 pm voter turnout was 17, 15 percent. According to the CEC Speaker, polling is taking place in a calm atmosphere.

At the 12:30 news briefing Ekaterine Azarashvili, the CEC’s spokesperson, presented information on polling process abroad. Ms. Azarashvili noted that: “In Athens, which has the largest number of election precincts, voters removed from registration were not able to vote and this caused their protest. The CEC has announced the number of deregistered voters abroad which amounts 3, 979. Unfortunately according to the law they are not able to vote”.

Ms. Azarashvili also talked about violation at some election precincts:

“At the #5 Krtsanisi election precincts, non-authorized persons were present. Namely, election subjects had more representatives at the precincts than prescribed by the law.

At the #12 Krtsanisi election precinct, three persons presented identification cards without the signature of the authorized person. Subsequently, the Precinct Election Commission did not allow them to vote.

At the #35 Akhaltsikhe election precinct a fight took place. The incident took place outside the polling station.

Some questions were raised at the #63Saburtalo election precinct regarding theseals of the voting box. Based on the information gathered by the CEC, the seal on the ballot box was in place according to the law” – stated Ms. Azarashvili.

The CEC will provide updated information on the voting process and voter turnout at 15:30 pm.

Please note, the CEC hotline 251 00 51 and online operator (www.cesko.ge) will be in operation 24 hours a day. Please provide us with any kind of information concerning elections.

The Election Administration of Georgia would like to call upon all voters to participate in the elections.


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