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Prime Minister`s interview with the Reuters
Prime Minister`s interview with the Reuters
During the visit to Germany, the Prime Minister of Georgia has given an exclusive interview to the Reuters, mostly focusing on Georgia`s European integration, relations with Europe and Russia.

When asked about the presumed period that Georgia would wait for its EU membership, Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili said he thought that ten years would be the most logical answer.
Irakli Gharibashvili underlined the constructive policy run by the government of Georgia in relations with Russia simultaneously working on getting closer with the EU. He said Georgia received no signal or provocation that could be taken as an obstacle before signing Association Agreement with the EU, however, this did not allow the country`s leadership to get loose.
`Ten years - is very logical for Georgia to become EU member. Maybe more or less, this depends on us, on how quickly we succeed to modernize the country, how quickly we develop our economics and respond to the requirements of the European Union. We think the Association Agreement is the key task for Georgia`s modernizaton. We are very motivated to fulfill all obligations. As for Russia, on the one hand we have constructive relations with them trying to normalize it; on the other hand, we are moving toward the European Union. We are firm on our policy that is focused on the West and we have firm European interests. Georgia has proved that its government is very stable, predictable, constructive and pragmatic and it aims at normalizing relations with all of its neighbors, with Russia in particular,` Gharibashvili said.
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