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Echo Kavkaza – Georgia without a dream
Echo Kavkaza – Georgia without a dream
Ekho Kavkaza publishes Vadim Dubnov’s article “Georgia without a dream”. The author of the article notes that everything developed in Georgia as it was expected and elections turned out to be plebiscite. He says that Neither President turned out to be President or Nino Burjanadze – Nino Burjanadze, who said that she would receive all results of the election if it was fair.
“Will Nino Buranadze be satisfied by her 10%? But it is not about Nino Burjanadze. The case is that a person turned out to be a falsification and illustration of everything that is not as it looks”, Vaidm Dubnov reports.
The author notes that Nino Burjanadze promised the voters before the elections that she would talk to Putin, imprison Saakashvili and keep the promises that Ivanishvili didn’t. Burjanadze decided to win the presidential election with the ideas by which Ivanishvili came a year ago.
The author says that “Georgian Dream 2” didn’t work. He said that even Ivanishvili didn’t succeed in this, because nobody asked him this.
As Vadim Dubnov writes, to about 40%, who didn’t take part in the elections, jailing Saakashvili is not a matter of life and death. Over 10% of the population supported Saakashvili. The blood thirsty revenge was not most important for the Georgian Dream supporters. In short, those demanding revenge are a bit more than a third.
“Even in May, when the clergy ran after the homosexuals with chairs seemed that had a lot of protectors. It was clear from the start that a homosexual is not really a homosexual but more of a traitor of national values. Ivanishvili himself, as it turned out, is not a supporter of the holy priests”, Vadim Dubnov writes.
The author says that the church is a pretense of a church and if today it is a symbol of orthodox unity with Russia for somebody, for others it is a reflection of anti-western, patriarchal and national.
“Church is not a church, but the centre for those who want restoration of everything. In fact, Russia is not Russia and it is the part of a dream to be back to the happy patriarchal epoch, that Saakashvili destroyed. Now it has been clear that Ivanishvili is not better, as he didn’t turn out to be as he looked in October 2012”, Dubnov writes.
The author of the article notes that there are not many of those in Georgia who would pleasantly forget offence from Russia. He says that to many, a customs union may not be evil at all, but why do they have to forgive this of Russia, what will they get in response?
“Georgian plebiscite didn’t distinctly answer about the number of those who believe in going backward. No matter their number, they preferred Ivanishvili, despite his alleged falling rating and disappointment on the surface. He could not return Russia, didn’t deny NATO, and didn’t ban homosexuals. It has not been clear why he came. To the 62% of voters and to almost 40%, the question about the difference between Ivanishvili from the hated Saakashvili, it turned out to be a critical issue”, Vadim Dubnov says.

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