"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Foreign press
Georgia on EU’s Mind
As the European Union’s plans to sign a wide-ranging deal with Ukraine look shakier, EU leaders urgently need good news for their high-profile summit with their eastern neighbours in two weeks.
Out Of Power, Georgia's United National Movement Seeks New Role
People like Zaza Bibilashvili just might be the future of Georgia's United National Movement (ENM).

The 39-year-old, Western-educated lawyer who specializes in international-business law and formerly worked with Georgia's mission to the United Nations wowed party faithful with a motivating speech at an ENM congress in Tbilisi on October 5.
Georgian Premier Names Successor Amid Claims He’ll Keep Sway
Georgia’s billionaire Premier Bidzina Ivanishvili named a 31-year-old minister as his chosen successor, reinforcing opposition claims that the tycoon would continue running the Black Sea nation from behind the scenes.
Russian media – Armenian government intends to start negotiations with Georgia on restoring Abkhazian railway
Armenia hopes that the new government of Georgia will show sober judgment regarding the Abkhazian railway, the Russian Politrus informs.
‘Election confirms Georgia’s democratic credentials’ - The Parliament
The recent elections in Georgia showed 'great promise' and were a 'testament' to their democracy, an article published in The Parliament says. ‘Election confirms Georgia’s democratic credentials’ is the title of the article.
’Dear Misha, I am going to miss you - Paul Rimple
‘’Saakashvili era is over but will be missed’’, says the title of the article published in the Moscow Times. According to Paul Rimple, the author of the article, it is hard to imagine Georgia without Saakashvili.
As Georgia's President Leaves, What Is Left Of the West's Victory In the Cold War
Why does it matter to the rest of us what happens in Georgia and environs? Answer: if the West cannot help an aspiring ally with dreams of joining Nato and the EU, cannot even protect it from Russian hegemony, what are we doing meddling in the Middle East or anywhere else? And if we can’t help Georgia, then what is left of the West’s victory in the Cold War?
Echo Kavkaza – Georgia without a dream
Ekho Kavkaza publishes Vadim Dubnov’s article “Georgia without a dream”. The author of the article notes that everything developed in Georgia as it was expected and elections turned out to be plebiscite.
Will Ivanishvili become the government’s grey cardinal?
Georgia’s Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili claims his intended resignation later this month will help break the South Caucasus country’s dependence on strong political personalities. Yet, even if he gives up his formal title, political analysts in Tbilisi expect Ivanishvili to remain the power behind the Georgian government.