"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Weekly digest ( 26 May- 01 June)
Media coverage of last week was full of harassment information. The statements were made by various parties, who were providing concrete facts.
On May 26 in Lanchkuti "Georgian Alliance of partiotts“candidate for governor, Boris Chkhonia held at a press conference at the headquarters, were party members alleged about particular facts. As they say , the pressure from "Georgian Dream " was carried out to the coordinator and secretary of the commission. "Our coordinator walked from house to house, he came home in the evening and the pressure was carried up at him, he came to me crying and told me, with all my heart and soul I am Mr. Boris's supporter but can not continue working with him ," said Gela kvereniladze. In village Chqonagora, the twentieth district, the Secretary of the Commission, Irina Ormotsadze was suppressed.

The party „Salome Zurabishvili - the way of Georgia" addressed to foreign embassies and international organizations, conserning the facts of pressure on their candidates and demanded urgent response to the cases.
As The "Interpressnews" was informed, on May 24, at the time of Helen Zoidze majority candidate was performing her duty in the 3rd precinct, patrol police arrested Rezo Tedoradze representative and coordinator, Nurki qursubadze in order to make drug test . On May 23, the patrol police also detained for drug tests in the old Batumi majoritarian candidate, Irakli Iremadze, who was going to a meeting with voters. Candidate was dismissed after meeting was deranged. In Akhaltsikhe district party "Salome Zurabishvili - the Way of Georgia" the city members of the list, as well as the Akhaltsikhe District list candidates, have removed their candidacies as a result of pressure exerted on them, thus both lists has been abolished and party has no representative candidates. Now all of them have been released"- says the party.

" United National Movement" claimed that after submission of Mayor and Governor candidates and party lists to the relevant district election commissions for the local government elections, government electoral began to fight against bloc "United National Movement" in the new form
In particular, the " National Movement" speaks about the pressure on registered candidates, as they say, the reason is to make their candidates "voluntarily" refuse to participate in electons.

"National movement" explains that 11 individuals "voluntarily" withdrew their candidacy (http://www.ivote.ge/siakhleebi/archevnebi/19373-nacionaluri-modzraobis-mtkicebith-zetsolis-gamo-mathi-partiis-11-pirma-kandidatobaze-uari-ganackhada.html?lang=ka-GE)
Coalition "Nino Burjanadze - United Opposition" top of the list, Zaza Vekua held a special briefing:
“For a few days Coalition, "Nino Burjanadze - United Opposition" Ninotsminda staff members were being pressured, the reason was to abolish to list in this district.I would like to inform you that the operation had a success, which means that our coalition will not be able to participate in elections in Ninotsminda district "- said Giorgi Vekua.

“The Labour Party", released a statement on May 29, where they spoke about an attempt to disrupt the meeting. "Today , May 29, at 11 am, in Sachxere center, near the market, during the pre-election meeting Shalva Natelashvili was confronted by a crowd, pre-trained provocateurs of GD press-service, who tried to disrupt the meeting, which did not happen.
Provocateurs Activities were organized by special police service staff, nearby mobilized in "pickup" - brand of cars"- says the statement
The NGOs Speak about the pressure on candidates from opposition parties. In connection with this on May 30 "Fair Elections"-head, Lomjaria, " transparency international" executive director – Eka Gigauri and the "Young Lawyers' Association head, Kakha Kozhoridze held a joint press conference. (http://www.ivote.ge/siakhleebi/archevnebi/19421-arasamthavroboebi-opoziciuri-partiebis-kandidatebis-mimarth-zetsolaze-saubroben.html?lang=ka-GE)

According to them, it is reported that various opposition candidates, who intend to participate in elections through proportional or majoritarian list, remove their own candidates as a result of pressure. They say at this point there are about 32 candidates, who have already removed their candidacy under pressure. They basically did not specify who had oppressed them. Pressure is mainly carried out by local government representatives.
Non-governmental organizations are calling on the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor's Office to become interested in the above mentioned facts and to prevent any pressure on election candidates and party activists. NGOs also appeal to the inter-agency committee to investigate the alleged harassment of candidates and give relevant recommendations to law enforcement and local authorities.

"United National Movement" accuses the government of intimidation and blackmail to the opposition party candidates.
As the party's June 1st statement says, the Prime Minister's statement proves why UNM candidates refused running in the elections. As the Prime Minister, Irakli Garebashvili said while presenting the candidates of "Georgian Dream" in Ozurgeti district, “we must not allow other political parties to win." "National Movement" asserts, that in this regard, special activities are carried in regions, including Shida Kartli, where the e regional police chief, Kvitsiani, controls the process. "National Movement" addresses CEC, the interagency commission and observers to study the issue and respond to the appeals.

”Georgian Dream" election commission members and observers training in Rustavi resulted in confrontation.
Coalition members say that for the purpose of breaking the training members ofthe National Movement" and "free zone"have invaded in the office and insulted the members of training.

“The National Movement" Rustavi mayoral candidate, Mamuka chikovani Responded to the incident. From his words the training was conducted illegally, the only reason for evading in the building was to check the information. Chiqovani appeals to Election Commission and CEC for response.
Electoral Bloc "Georgian Dream" issued a statement in connection with the May 28 incident and condemned the incident, they also accused "National Movement" in the provocative actions.

Central Election Commission, in relation to the incident in "Civil Development Agency" Rustavi office, emphasizes that they haven’t been informed about this training. Also, under the law, any kind of agreement on this issue could not exist. Electoral Administration is only responsible for the trainings they organize. CEC - explains that Rustavi District Election Commission has started an inquiry into the above-mentioned fact. Based on the studies of the issue, election administration will take appropriate measures foreseen by legislation
On May 12 - Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili attended pre-election meeting in Gori and presented to voters "Georgian Dream" Gori Mayor and the Shida Kartli governor candidates.

Media reports shots where it appears that for the purpose public officials were mobilized from different regions to attend the meeting. In the videos public servants employed in Kaspi say that they are moving to Gori on "excursion" or refrain from answering the question. The movement of these persons was ensured vigorously, by mini-buses. Involvement of officials in the agitation, to support specific subjects, is prohibited under the law. Also it needs to be examined what funds were used by the movement to lease repayments of public officials in Gori, Kaspi.
"Non-parliamentary opposition" filed a complaint to the Central Election Commission on the issue, which demands making an administrative violation protocol on Irakli Garibashvili.

Kachreti majritarian candidate reveals secret audio tapes in which Tornike tsintsalashvili demands from commission chairmen, to hold an agitation in favor of former Gurjaani governor. Twelfth Election Commission has reviewed the incident where the precinct commission confirmed that tsintsalashvili was instructing them to work in favor of Jikurishvili. Tsintsalashvili has also confirmed the fact , however, he excludes the pressure to members of the commission and states that his words were distorted. The court will decide whether to give 2000 Gel to Tsintsalashvili or not.

The Central Election Commission Develops a Communication Strategy for the 2014 Municipal Elections. The document aims to improve cooperation with all the interested stakeholders involved in electoral processes and introduces new formats of communication, which will contribute to the elections being administered in a more transparent and effective manner. The Communication Strategy for the 2014 Municipal Elections was developed with the support of International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). The strategy document prepared by IFES expert Karen Louise Boothe in close cooperation with the CEC Public Relations Department and the CEC leadership will serve as a guideline for the election administration for the upcoming elections. The CEC hopes that this initiative will contribute to improved communication with voters and all interested stakeholders involved in elections.

On May 27 , Zurab Tchiaberashvili was attacked on Abashidze N22 "literary cafe" by Rezo Tabukashvili Jr. and George Mgeladze. MP David Ciklauri informs, that Zurab Tchiaberashvili has inflicted severe injuries. Ministry of Internal Affairs started investigation into the 120article - the intentional damage to one's health.

Rezo Tabukashvili and Gio Mgeladze were released from police station on the basis of receipt. As the Interior Ministry told „Tabula”, investigative work is in progress and at this point they are released on the basis of receipt. " I do not understand when such mild punishment is used for such crime," - said the public defender, Ucha Nanuashvili.

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