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Weekly digest (5 - 11 May)
The Central Election Commission has completed registration of political parties. 34 political unions have addressed the Commission for registration.
The Central Election Commission informed journalists, that 26 political unions were registered, while 6 request from unions were denied registration.
State Services Development Agency gave CEC data about potential voters on may 1. The data counts 3 553 673 potential voters. CEC will process the data and publish voter‘s list. According to the changes in Election Code, in the date provided by SSDA there are photos of citizens and on June 15, for the first time, there will be held elections, when voter‘s lists will have photos attached.
The Central Election Commission of Georgia, seven local non-governmental organizations and the state inter-agency commission have signed a memorandum of mutual understanding on use of administrative resources in pre-election period, as well as during the elections.
National Agency of Public registry is registering election campaign fund of the subjects participation in the elections. Initiative group is obliged to establish election campaign fund according to legislation and register it in NAPR as an non-profit legal entity.
If requested, a bank account of a registered fund will be opened without any fees.
National Movement election number to be known before May 16. As CEC Spokesman, Eka Azarashvili, announced, the Central Election Committee plans to scrutinize this issue and resolve it before 16 May.
“Bestowing numbers upon this or that party does not fall within the CEC Chairperson’s scope of authority. The CEC Chairperson says the letter on behalf of the National Movement, involves the 145th article of the Election Code saying that if parties having taken part in the last parliamentary elections form a bloc, they must notify the CEC of the number of which party they will employ for the City Council elections. As long as within the bloc “National Movement” only some parties meet this requirement, a solution to the issue will be hammered out by the CEC not later than by the 30th day before the forthcoming election, i.e., May 16,” stated Eka Azarashvili.

147 initiative groups are registered in Kakheti region for June 15 self-government elections. The highest activity is in Gurjaani and Sagarejo districts, the lowest – in Dedoflistskharo and Sighnaghi. Sagarejo district election committee registered 37 initiative groups, Gurjaani – 31, Sighnaghi and Dedoflistskharo – 2.
„United National Movement“ and „Christian-Conservative party“, which is led by Shota Malashkhia, applied CEC about creating an election bloc. The bloc will be called „United National Movement“. „According to the law every party has a right to unite in a bloc and we have made this decision“ – said a member of UNM Khatuna Gogorishvili.
The National Democratic Institute (NDI) presented the Public Attitude in Georgia survey to media at Courtyard Marriot.
According to the NDI survey, 46% of respondents think that in tv shows about current affairs „Rustavi 2“ represents interests of National Movement.
The majority of respondents, 36% trust information broadcasted by „Imedi“, 30% - „Maestro“ and 26% trust „Rustavi 2“. NDI survey fieldwork was conducted from March 26 till April 18 with 3,942 completed interviews.
According to The National Democratic Institute survey, among the Tbilisi mayor candidates David Narmania is most liked, Gia Gachechiladze the second and Kakha Kukava is the third.
The rating of former PM Bidzina ivanishvili has decreased with 23%. 51% of respondents like Bidzina Ivanishvili, 24% - don’t like and 20% don’t have a certain position about this issue.
In November 2013 Bidzina Ivanishvili was liked by 74% of respondents.
Among the politicians Irakli Alasania has a highest rating of sympathy according to the NDI survey. In the survey, on the question, do you like or not, the highest percent (96%) has Patriarch.
Next places in the rating are taken by politicians, where Defence Minister is most liked among the Govenment . 67% of the respondents like Alasania, 12% -don’t and 17% don’t have a certain position about this issue.
According to the NDI survey results, most respondents (51%) consider United National Movement to be the strongest opposition in Georgia. The next is the Christian Democratic Movement with 8%, Labour Party has 4%. The ruling Georgian Dream coalition has 3%. 3% voted for other parties, 21% - no party, 9% - didn’t have an answer.
Memebers of the Governemnt don’t trust NDI surveys. As minister David Darakhvelidze said after government meeting, he doesn’t trust this survey at all, because he remembers well when NDI said that „Georgian Dream“ had 12% rating and „National Movement“ – 60%, but this result wasn’t correct.
Neither the leader of „Labor Party“ Shalva Natelashvili trusts NDI survey.
Ministry of Justice‘s Interagency Commission welcomes the report of NDI pre-election delegation and considering thir opinions, gives recomendations to all political parties and local governments. Political parties are recommended to strengthen inner discipline to avoid violation of the election code. Local governments are asked to refrain from serious personnel changes during the pre-election period.
Zugdidi council member candidate of non-parliamentary opposition Bezhan Gunava is blaming „Georgian Dream Coalition“ bribing electors.
He says that „Georgian Dream’s“ coordinators are asking lists of people who want to get social aid and also to postpone military service. Gunava thinks that this is a bribing of electors and use of administrative resources.
„Georgian Dream“ denies this blame. Head of Zugdidi HQ Lasha Gvasalia says that such activities weren’t held by them and he blames Gunava in electors‘ bribing.
Georgian Patriots‘ Alliance presented Irma Inashvili as a Tbilisi mayor candidate. The Presentation was held at Tbilisi Marriot and was led by Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi.
Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi spoke about the candidate’s election program. He announced the 5 promises that will be accomplished in case if Inashvili becomes a Mayor.
In election program was mentioned providing dwellings to people, healthcare, supporting mini and micro business, preparing people in IT sphere and social support for people.
„Non-parliamentary opposition“ presented election program and part of the candidates on may 6 at TV Rustavi 2.
Kakha kukava will fight for Tbilisi Mayor’s post. Kukava spoke about all main issues of the program.
The program of „Non-parliamentary opposition“ consists of 4 parts: Employment and economical development, City development, social expenses of Tbilisi budget and long term obligations – this issue is not in self-government’s authority but Kukava promises to fight with central government for solving this issues.

Party Congress of „United National Movement“ was held at Sport’s Palace on May 8. The Congress was opened with EU anthem.
One of the party leaders Giorgi Vashadze said that this was a very important day – a day of Europe.
Leaders of the party and UNM candidates for local self-government elections attended the congress. Majoritarian and Governor candidates were presented at the Congress.
„Georgian Dream’s“ Tbilisi majoritarian candidates were also presented on May 8 by Tbilisi mayoral candidate David Narmania.

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