"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, George Lagidze election program
  Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, George Lagidze election program
Party, “the future of Georgia" leader and Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, George Lagidze's election program

1. To create City development Master Plan, with participation of experts in all fields.
2. Contract with the “City Park" will be canceled and their activities will be studied, providing the cars with parking will go under City Hall’s competence.
3. Amenities and sanitation provision for markets will become compulsory. The issue of street vendors will be solved, markets will continue to struggle to fixed taxes, and reach it.
4. The municipal budget will be invested in small and middle business development, as well as interest-free (low-interest) Long-term loans. These people are exempted from taxes for 2 years.
5. Funds will be allocated from the city budget for the creation of municipal enterprises, which will contribute to economic recovery and employment for people.
6. Step by step all utility bills will be reduced. Vouchers will be set for the vulnerable and pensioners.
7. Journey will be free for socially vulnerable, pensioners and students.
8. Socially vulnerable and unemployed receive assistance, which will meet the minimum wage.
9. Social fund for vulnerable will be formed, which will provide accommodation for homeless people in the capital. For this purpose, it may be old, dysfunctional buildings, rehabilitation and new construction of houses.
10. We will go into the legislative body, demanding lowering of the retirement age and pension - (the social welfare) increase. It is one of the serious problems of the population.
11. Will be built in the capital - one municipal hospital and pharmacy that will serve socially disadvantaged, veterans, and disabled people. There will be a clinic in every district.
12. Will set up a shelter for homeless people.
13. For unaccompanied children will be established boarding school
14. Will be built and expanded children's gardens from the budget.
15. Vocational schools for homeless and vulnerable adults will be created and financed from the budget, as well as the state will take care of these people.
16. Will attract investment in terms of small and medium business development.
17. Will be untouchable and developed recreation areas.
18. The City Hall, best architects and organists will create a commission that will discuss town planning and architecture.
19. Should be restored the old buildings, private nature, as well as other public buildings, new construction should take into account only the appearance of old Tbilisi.
20. Will be conducted fair and transparent tenders. Also will be revised the old tenders.
21. Will continue taking into consideration the interests of all parties in the construction of the railway.
22. Will be built bypass motorways.
23. Will stop the illegal construction in the city.
24. Employment – old stuff will stay in capital budget organizations, vacancies will be announced on professional staff, not formally as it is unfortunately often the case, but will be selected on the basis of professionalism and skills.
25. Actively continue the construction of infrastructure, a focus on quality.
26. Will be canceled an agreement with the micro-bus, and a new tender will be announced.
27. Will be providing support to IDPs living in the capital.
28. Will be taken all possible measures to resolve the issue of “Atstupniks”, so as not to damage any of the parties.

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