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Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, David Marmania, election program
Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, David Marmania, election program

Welcome, dear Tbilisi residents!

It’s a great honor to address you as Tbilisi Mayoral candidate. I am well aware of the responsibility that lies before our team of Tbilisi.

We know very well that Tbilisi, its problems, challenges and great opportunities. For successful work of our team and the leadership, your vigilant eye and participation is a necessary condition.

You do not have to give us not only an opportunity not to an error, but also to relax. We are ready to consider all of your business proposals and notes. We need to stand together, work together for straightening Tbilisi and human welfare.

For my part, I am ready, to work hard for Tbilisi.

Tbilisi is a special city.

1. To create safe and comfortable environment in the capital
Cultural Heritage

We are lucky to live in a city with the richest history and culture. The bigger is the burden of regional and geopolitical reality, the greater accompanying opportunities. Therefore, in order to achieve global positioning and adequate competitiveness of the city, we deem it necessary to ensure:
Actualizing the regional business center function with development of accompanying


Facilitation of institutional investment activities by implementing transparency and equal accessibility principles as well as through use of the advance and universally approved reporting standards;
Increasing tourist attraction not only by improving a few streets in Tbilisi but also by building and developing respective infrastructure all over Georgia;
Attraction of innovative transnational business through offering interesting operational environment and required infrastructure;
Using the richest cultural aspect for the purpose of increasing the city’s international recognition and reputation;
Extension of academic function by providing active support to educational and scientific centers.
Naturally all of these cannot be achieved in a short period. In some cases formation of human resources with the required professional qualification is required. Our program completely provides for existing challenges as well as the most optimal and effective measures for dealing with them.

Public Transport:

Tbilisi City Hall is going to increase efficiency of transport, which implies improvement of itineraries, adequate technical condition of micro buses and buses, optimization of their quantity, which will ensure available, universal and safe transport services for population. At the first stage, traffic flows will be studied, which will allow to re-organize routes.

Waste Management:

The following measures will be taken to eliminate problems with respect to cleaning and waste management:
The optimum number of bins will be identified so that waste disposal is available to the public at maximum extent. Also special locations will be organized for bins so that they do not hinder road traffic.
Optimum schedule will be developed for movement of respective vehicles, which will prevent overloading of road traffic.
Permanent monitoring will be established at Tbilisi landfills in order to minimize environmental contamination. An active investment campaign will be launched for attracting investments for processing landfill (closed as well as open) waste.

Stray Animals:

The problem of stray animals in Tbilisi will be solved by means of implementing methods tested in many countries of the world, including: In the first stage all the stray animals will be registered, data base will be created, then permanent monitoring of their condition will be conducted; in the next stage they will be caught and treated, and only in case of incurable and contagious dicease they will be put to sleep. At the same time their propagation will be reduced by means of artificial medication; In addition, we will support the individuals and non-profit organizations involved in the care of stray animals. This includes encouraging mentioned individuals and organizations, assisting them in various forms, for instance, supplying them with the animal food and medicine, building additional cages, etc.

Development and Economy

Our action plan is based on the development platform coordinated with the program of “Georgian Dream” and consists of seven key principles:
Analysis of the international best practices shows that a long term and sustainable development is based on four main components – on progress in social, economic, ecological and governing fields. The principle of integrated approach involves proper coordination of all four components. Thus, ignoring even one of the components could cause the concentration of significant problems. This is very well demonstrated in the performances of Tbilisi acting authorities.
The past practices have clearly shown what are the consequences of single option and rigidity in politics. The second significant principle of our program is flexibility, which implies active inclusiveness of the sector professionals and general public on every stage of the management cycle (so called PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle). As a result we would get a program that is best fitted to public’s most pressing interests.
“You cannot improve what you cannot measure” – this famous thesis of the management theory is based on the principle of measurable results. Our aims are expressed in concrete indicators with current and target values – every citizen would have an opportunity to evaluate achieved results objectively.
The principle of control indicators includes several key indicators evaluating general progress that essentially demonstrates economic success of the Government. These indicators would be selected based on the public demand.
Necessity of the cultural heritage preservation remains vital in the light of the priority of the city’s economic development. This would be a defining principle in the process of forming the the twenty first century image of the capital.
Our initiatives include intensive as well as in some cases, extensive measures of the city development. But at the same time, the city growth does not mean the concentration of the whole country in the capital or in one or two agglomeration as it was envisaged by the previous government. We see the national mission of Tbilisi as being the flagship of the country development and contribute to the overall progress of our country.
The practice of substituting clear and measurable objectives with abstract TV “achievements” and focusing on forging election results instead of peoples’ interests allowed Tbilisi’s still acting government to care less for the creation of favorable business climate. As a result, we received the reality with no urban development plan, no transparent and equally accessible system for investment activities, no institutions encouraging SME development, no streamlined schemes for accessing operational and venture capital, without the vision on organizing and filling gaps in supply chain, mechanisms for import replacement, technology transfer, retraining in demanded professions and beneficial schemes for Public Private Partnerships. Moreover, business as well as tourism potential is not effectively utilized at regional and international level. For instance, the fact that South Caucasus offices of international companies are opened in our neighboring countries, not in Tbilisi, can be explained by inactivity of the acting authorities to say the least. Overall, correct development of actually neglected Tbilisi would be impossible without adequate analysis of its global competitiveness and appropriate revision of the respective policy.

Health Care and Social Policy

Social policy of Tbilisi City Hall will be directed to socially unsecure citizens, retired persons, students, persons with disabilities, children and other categories, so that their hard social position is alleviated. The following main programs are being planned for this purpose:
Extended health care and social security programs, where hundreds of thousands of people will receive benefit; Disburse vouchers for certain amount to purchase baby food and other childcare items for each newborn in socially unsecure families;
Significant growth of allowance for every 3rd, 4th, 5th and etc. child born in a socially unsecure family; Socially unsecure families residing in Tbilisi will enjoy doubled benefits when using the utilities vouchers; Travel by Subway for socially unsecure families and socially unsecure retired persons will be free
Preventive measures are planned that will contribute to reduction of cardiovascular, infectious and other disease risk factors.
Material and technical base of Tbilisi Emergency will be modernized.
A special program is being developed in health care, which is going to contribute to implementation of modern/innovative methods of medical treatment and diagnostics;
A special program will be developed and implemented for popularization of healthy lifestyle.

Education, Culture, youth and sports:

Our main goal in the field of education is to ensure access to quality education. For this purpose: In the field of pre-school education:
Strategy for democratization and development of kindergarten management system will be developed and tailored to individual needs of the various students. The process of parents’ and various focus groups’ participation in the management process will be improved. Working procedures of an advisory body will be revised.
New kindergartens will be planned and opened based on needs analysis. Long-term inclusive education strategy will be prepared. Infrastructure and the physical environment will be adapted to age requirements of children’s development including needs of children with disabilities.
In the course of children’s registration in kindergartens the territorial factor (place of residence) will be considered. The allowed number of children in groups as well as relation of children and teachers will be reviewed and the degree of participation of focus groups will increase in this process.
Effective system of employee professional development will become operational, the status of employees will be reviewed, as well as social security mechanisms, work remuneration and incentives. In secondary education:
Using the mechanism for participation in Supervisory Board of public schools will contribute to enforcement of depolarization and democratization policy;
Successful implementation of vocational education and career development program will be supported in schools;
The program for providing adapted transport to children with disabilities will be implemented.
The program for modernizing physical environment in public school libraries will be implemented while libraries of local importance will be tailored to modern requirements;
Programs will be funded for acquiring quality education (quality school education).
Based on needs analysis out-of-school or/and educational/ students’ and youth homes will be founded. In vocational education:
Local government’s strategy and program in vocational education field will be implemented on the basis of respective research. Education of adults:
With consideration of continuous educational principles, degree programs for adults will be introduced, among which priority will be given to entrepreneurial and SME business courses.
Major priorities of the Tbilisi City Hall during the coming four years for development of cultural life will be:
Drafting a long-term strategy for facilitating development of cultural field in the capital and ensuring its accessibility for a wide public;
Development of strategy and programs for the cultural field and its accessibility for a wide public directly with participation of public focus group representatives;
For ensuring accessibility of capital’s cultural life significant focus will be made on organizing cultural events in peripheral and newly merged Tbilisi districts, supporting various centers and implementing district projects;
Fair and democratic systematic contests will be organized in various areas: literature, art, classical, folklore and contemporary music, visual and performance art and etc.
In parallel with establishing new projects in the cultural field the capital will take care of improving and developing traditional projects and their adaptation to modern requirements.
Within the limits of its authority and according to sports state policy, Tbilisi City hall would promote the process of sports facility development and their construction, thus, elaborating appropriate strategies in the following directions:

Sports Infrastructure;
Sports and Healthy Lifestyle;
Access to Mass Sport

There is a corresponding potential and tradition for the various types of sports in Tbilisi. This should be taken into account in the process of planning the construction of sports infrastructure. It would be necessary to develop a network model for the development of sports infrastructure in Tbilisi.
The basic principle of this model is to create a network for the whole city in such a way that sports facilities are evenly distributed according to the population number and location. The network model of Sports infrastructure is elaborated according to the European standards and is introduced to many European countries, for instance, to England, France, Spain, Finland, etc. Development of sports infrastructure, promotion of mass sports and great achievements would be the priorities of Tbilisi City hall. It will support the participation of population in sports/ physical activities and ensure the healthy lifestyle.

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