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“Nino Burjanadze – United Opposition Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, Dmitri Lordtkipanidze election program
“Nino Burjanadze – United Opposition Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, Dmitri Lordtkipanidze election program
Party Program for the local self-government elections 2014
It is time to fix our country!
Tick the number 3 in all three ballot papers.

We tried to highlight the most important tasks. Problems in the country are amassed. That’s why the due foreign and domestic policy should be provided and implemented. The country should be developed properly and embarked on the way of justice and well-being. As far as the notions of justice and well-being are the indispensible parts of the one whole. The local self-government elections can not help to fix all the problems .The elections, predominantly, tend to serve as the litmus-test for the handling of the local problems properly. “Nino Burjanadze-United Opposition” is the right force ,which can eradicate the given problems substantially and effectively, after its’ coming to power.
Our political team is vested with all the necessary skills and competences for the rendering itself responsible for the ruling of the country! Our resounding victory during the present municipal and upcoming parliamentary elections will paves the way for the discarding of the political crisis and buttressing the state institutions for the sake of the steady development of Georgia.
On June 15th you all become authoritative in defining the future of your homeland. Participate in the elections and tick the number 3 in all three ballot papers. This will be the shortest way for a better life. It is high time to fix the country.
Nino Burjanadze

Dimitri Lordkipanidze for the Mayor of Tbilisi.

I’m aware of the problems of Tbilisi ,including those of my fellow-citizens and I know how to manage them with my teammates . It’s high time ,that the ordinary people had the better life and the tangible prospective for the bright future.
We are the team of professionals, which strive for progress by safeguarding the fundamental values intrinsic to our national traditions.

The action plan (program) of the “Nino Burjanadze-United Opposition” is completely pursuing the goal of your well-being.
Our primordial priorities are the intrinsic notions of the contemporary society, such as the individual , the family and the prosperity of every our fellow-citizen.
Georgia has the sufficient budgetary funds, which in case of the proper fiscal policy, possesses the potential to guarantee its’ population the better life!
We are to be the watchdogs of the end of the budgets’ plunder, applying every effort , that the existing financial resources be spent according to your needs!
We will take care about ,that every average Georgian would feel himself a decent citizen of the country.
Vote for “Nino Burjanadze –United Opposition”!
Tick the number 3 in all three ballot papers!
It is time to fix our country together!

Today, as well as by October 1, 2012 , Tbilisi’s budget is spent on the welfare of the city council’s public servicemen and bureaucracy . Moreover, the municipal executive bodies spending was increased by 35 - to 55 million dollars (20 million ) , or up to 60 %! Representative bodies’ spending rate is increased from 6 million to 12 million , or up to 100% - and that's when in 2014, compared to 2013 ,we have 37 million cut in funding from the city council for such vital areas of the municipal development as transport infrastructure recovery.

Moreover, more than 35 million GEL is invested in the so called “Tbilisi Development Fund”, in the form of direct input . In comparison with 2012 , in 2014 the costs for the municipal official’s salaries increased from 29 million to 48 million , or at 65 % ; that's when we have more than 4 months passed and not a single step has been taken on in direction .of the so called . cooperative apartment property owners to finance the construction of the buildings , which are surrounded by overwhelming artificial bureaucratic barriers .

The city budget is still in the basic source of the "National Movement "’s party funding. Due to the purposefully created artificial supervisory boards in the municipal government bodies ,the “National Movement” party activists are enjoying the abundant salaries ,even since October 1, 2012. !

The government’s mayoral candidate has already issued the promise of planting of the million trees in Tbilisi . In 2014 the city budget really experiences the substantial swelling, in terms of the tackling of the environmental issues, from 59 to 70 million GEL .From the given sum ,the 16 million GEL was allocated for planting the trees , but the promise seems a bit paradoxical as far as the government does not do anything when the park trees and plants are being cut mercilessly in ‘sthe city .The quantity of the trees cut down in the Vake Park and on the Asatiani street, can serve as a litmus-test of how the previous or incumbent government is bothered by the ecologic situation in the country!

The most fundamental problem of Tbilisi is the fact, that the city budget was squandered for the welfare of the City Council red tape ,and the “National Movement’s supporters.
Indeed, health care should be available to all citizens of Tbilisi .It is highly Necessarily to strengthen the overall health care primarily . The due attention should be paid to the examination and treatment of diseases in the early stages, what will be better not only for the country's economy, but also for the patients too; the city budget should fund the pre-emptive examination of the cancer, AIDS, C Hepatitis , tuberculosis and others life-threatening diseases . The importance of such screening programs is very high. For the reason of the unequal incomes’ redistribution ,the majority of the population is not bound to the healthy life-style ,sidestepping the undertaking of the preventive measures in the medical institutions at a certain age of the life-cycle.
Therefore, we should provide them with such services as much as possible and cover all the risk-groups persistent to the society.

We will provide the social assistance programs, for the groups of the population , which would predominantly require it .The healthcare programs’ co-funding for the retired and helpless groups of the population ,will be covered by the municipal budget and in special cases additional 25 GEL will be allocated for the necessary medicines acquisition.
Reforms in the health system will not be successful enough unless we the labor conditions of doctors , and the physicians be improved .Medical network is almost fully privatized .We should not assume that the employer or the private owner extended an absolute dictatorship on the hired professionals. The state order regarding the medical networks should be executed based on the special regulations, while guaranteeing the due remuneration of the medical personnel according to the Labor Code.
The special attention should be paid to the so called family doctors, which are mostly delivering the ambulatory help to those in need, in order to bridge the gap between our expectation and the working conditions ,which they have.

The nurses employed in the pre-school institutions should be given the pedagogues’ status. We will start the investigation of the abolishment of the pre-school institutions and their handing over to the private owners in symbolic price . We will be planning the rehabilitation and the development of more kindergartens .

Teachers' compensation reform should be carried out . Teachers' salaries should be increased in order to significantly exceed the real living wage and salaries of comparable public sector servicemen . We also need to increase the salaries of the psychologists and physicians ' employed at schools .

The demographic issue is directly related to national security and development.
The special emergency social assistance –packages should be developed ,which would envisage the additional social benefits for the large families and single-mothers ,in aims of tackling such pain-stacking problems of this category of people as the employment , starting a business ,and the household issues. Before the adoption of the law on local self-government level ,there will be set up the special public commissions under the auspices of the Tbilisi Mayor .

Tbilisi City Hall is to help the citizens to obtain new expertise and qualifications . The special program should be invigorated " not a single citizen without profession " and the citizens of all ages and backgrounds should be retrained for the professions ,which fit mostly the contemporary conditions necessary to be successful on the market. Older people should be given the opportunity for flexible schedules to get modern education.

The previous government was purposefully ignoring the problem of the homeless in the city. The incumbent government decided to acquiesce the given group of population with a few camps.These people need due help , not only immediate winter shelter . It is necessary to provide their proper identification in aims of facilitating their involvement in the health and social programs .

We will implement a state program to provide affordable housing per year ;a minimum of 100 thousand square meter living-space will be allocated to the homeless and young families. To reach this goal , we will set up a state non-profit fund with the working capital of 50 million on an interest-free state loan basis and specially allocated free of charge land lots ,to meet the needs of the aforementioned category of the population. Thus ,the given category of the families will pay a third of the current market price for the living spaces . The collected income will be put into the funds’ turnover and will be given out for the development of the next 100 thousand sq.meters for the coming year to the next group of the citizens .

Legislative and administrative measures must be taken to protect the thousands of families facing the threat of eviction , safeguarding their legal rights as of the cooperative co-owners of the contended premises.

We believe that the state should devote special attention and care towards people with disabilities . We must do everything to ensure ,that they are given the chance of a normal life and they were fully integrated into the society, improving their spiritual and social life caused by limited capacity and diversity , dispelling their anxiety and social discomfort. There will not be a place in the city , that will not be accessible for disabled citizens - first of all , City Council , City Hall and other government offices, schools, universities, recreation and entertainment venues !
We will create for them adapted undergrounds and subways , allocating a special place in all kinds of urban transport, as well as fixing the special sound - traffic signs and facilities the blind persons in the appropriate places and venues.

Today for the poorest segments of the population healthy meal is a luxury. The cynical attitude towards them is: people who do not have the money to buy an expensive product , they should afford a cheap (hence the poor quality or even harmful food! If we win , we promise that this attitude changes. We will provide the strict safety control to rule out a defective and dangerous product delivery to the population!

We will develop and implement child and adolescent sports’ - recreational activities, supporting the initiative with a complex program ( proper arrangement of buildings; ensuring ,that the socially vulnerable segments of the population had the access to a sports schools and communities ; The target groups will be provided with the resort type sanatoriums within the frames of the recreational programs.

One of the most serious problem for the socially vulnerable population is the substantial increase in electricity bills . " TELASI " included in 17 tetri the price of the profitability of the invested funds. It has been turned for years , that 200 million invested capital is covered from our pockets. Five years ago, " TELASI " fully covered the given investment. We will struggle to ensure that the regulatory commission will annuls the 3.5 tetri rate. Citizens will pay less for electricity for the 3.5tetri !

It is urgent to carry out the policy , which renders the budget’s expenditures commensurate to the people's material conditions . In case of our victory in the local government elections ,we refuse to take personal vehicles , thereby significantly reducing the budget inflated costs. There will remain only the special auto-vehicles parking , for the working use of the officials . This proposal should be taken into account by the central government in order to save the millions of GEL of the budgetary expenditures.
The people ,who receive income just from renting the apartment should be exempted from the taxes on income. Individuals who do not use hired labor and carry out economic activities located in the trading area of the market place , should be released from the obligation to use cash registers even after 1 January 2015 .

We will announce the moratoriums in the municipal parks and recreational areas of the capital on cutting down the trees . In addition, the current rules ( 8 sq.meters of the green space fund per one inhabitant) will be subject to a slight change of 20-24 sq. meters per capita . The green space development will be given a special place in the elaboration of the general plan of the development of Tbilisi ,by creating the unified system of green space development , and keep the existing town boundary adjacent slopes, maximum green , care for the plants irrigation system, in every region of the Great Parks .

The ecological state-of-the-art in the streets of Tbilisi and the level of its protection doesn’t correspond to the increased tax rate ,which is paid by our citizens. The poor waste management is the indispensible part of the contemporary ecology of the capital. After our victory , we will build the waste re-cycling plants and alongside the improvement of the ecological situation ,will create more jobs for the people.

The main polluters of the air basin of the capital are the auto-vehicles , ( official reported _95 % ) . From 80% of cars registered in Georgia , 900, 000 are more than the age of 15-18 years. In Georgia the motor fuel quality control is not mandatory .The import of the environmentally safe and fuel-effective cars is not encouraged . To improve the situation , we will create the state-supported air defense program against the transport vehicles’ emissions and the effective atmospheric quality monitoring system. Since the majority of drivers do not have the funds in order to install the catalyst in their old cars, the budget gives them a special vouchers , which dramatically reduce the emissions on the city streets.

The unfixed drainage system remains as the most painful problem for the city , what makes the streets flooded and residential or commercial spaces damaged during the heavy rains. A few years ago, the floods also caused the casualties . If we win , we'll start the repair of the city’s underground communication and rehabilitation of drainage systems , as well as strict control of overloaded water supply and sewerage systems for the reason of the widespread constructions of the new building blocks.

All the problems accumulated in the capital are due to the existing shortcomings and lack of the city development plan. Irresponsible management of the city's transport creates the traffic jams .The Unilateral desire to make hasty decisions and to approve a multi- million projects, completely changed the historic face of Tbilisi and the similar process is still taking place in the form of the so called ‘Tbilisi Panorama’ project !

In the City Hall there will be created the Council of the supreme legitimacy , whose decision will not change the appearance of historic neighborhoods of the city. At the same time ,we should to protect the interests of the inhabitants of these areas . Their living environment should not be changed without the consideration of their opinion .

The intrinsic problem of the development and reconstruction of Tbilisi is the lack of the ‘City Development Action Plan’ , which gives to the City Hall officials the possibilities for the maneuvering and serves as a kind of legislative loophole. The primordial obligation of the City Hall and Sakrebulo officials on their election will be the clear-cut definition and creation of the general plan of the reconstruction and development of Tbilisi The mentioned plan must become as a kind of constitution of the city ,which will never become subject to any changes with regard to the government reshufflings in the municipal administration. The named plan should bridge the gapes between the cultural heritage of Tbilisi, contemporary reality and the 21st century urban development of the city. The general action plan will be the city’s fundamental constitution, which gives the each citizen to upgrade his well-being without infringing the individual freedoms of the fellow-citizen and inflicting harm to the environment of the city. And what is most important ,no changes should be provided in the city without the full-scale participation of the Tbilisi citizens.

The special department dealing with the Tbilisi City’s traffic organization and transport infrastructure will be created, which will be engaged in the problem-solving activities with regard to the traffic jams management, planning and direction of a movement and similar issues, resorting to the close cooperation with the respective departments of the City Hall.
The diminishing of the city’s square-park spaces will be categorically prohibited.
We will prohibit the development activities (construction) in the green space zones or the square-parks without the municipal status.
We will reconsider and reshape the capital's parking development concept. The current system uses the 95 % of the all roads and the 5% of all the sidewalks ,which had not offered anything from the experience of the world's great cities, ( multilevel parking construction and so on. Etc. . ) .But without any cost or effort , greenhouse effect emulating " City Park " is getting rich at the expense of our citizens.

We will encourage environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as elaborate the environmentally friendly transport system development for our Capital.

We also emphasize the importance of the effective functioning of the city's transportation infrastructure , which is necessary for the formation of the longitudinal transport routes of the continuous movement.

Kakheti highway development should be. Bypass railway line , which is , in fact at 80 % has already been done , has no alternative .However, it is currently under construction and the given project is relatively difficult for the implementation for the reason of the high costs, low operating speeds , proximity to the Tbilisi sea and , therefore , it can increase the risk of the potable water supply to the city. Construction of the railways should be based on the accurate calculations and continuous modifications .

The Rustavi-Tbilisi magistral should be constructed in the direction of Mtskheta. The certain cuts of the Mtkvari banks’ one-sided road development modernization possibilities need to be rethought anew.
The new settlement development near the lake Lisi “ Green City Lisi” needs to be connected with the central part of the city .The issue concerns of the connection with the new created statue “Tiger and Knight’ with its further commuting bridging with the left bank of the river Mtkvari.
We will tackle all the above-mentioned problems three years later, from the date of our victory in the upcoming elections. After winning the elections of local self-government ,we will gain early parliamentary elections and then you will have to choose the parliament staffed by the patriotic ,state -minded forces, which handle all the bread and butter issues of the country !
The prolongation of the Vakhushti bridge and the interconnection of the Didube and Ndzaladevi districts need to be executed.

We will tackle all the above-mentioned problems three years later, from the date of our victory in the upcoming elections. After winning the elections of local self-government ,we will gain early parliamentary elections and then you will have to choose the parliament staffed by the patriotic ,state -minded forces, which handle all the bread and butter issues of the country !

It is time to fix our country! It is time to fix Tbilisi !
“Nino Burjanadze –United Opposition”

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