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Nika Melia - "United National Movement" Election program
Nika Melia - "United National Movement" Election program
"Work out Tbilisi"

Local elections will be held on June 15, 2014. Consequently, the city will directly elect the mayor of Tbilisi. This choice depends on what happens in the next four years, our capital management and development.
We believe that Citizens deserve to get to know a clear and detailed vision of our team, how we see the city of the future, what are the specific priorities we have, what we want to spend the effort on and what we want to achieve together with the residents.
I think that’s very important to give residents the opportunity to make informed choices - choices that will not blindly follow the unfinished political battle and bosses, but each candidate's assessment is based on a clear vision.
Of course, the mayor is a political position, but we would like to understand politics as citizens need. Contradicting policy, not in the form of intrigues and squabbles, but also politics, employment, infrastructure development, healthy lifestyle, modern transportation arrangement, etc. Sense.
Accordingly, we would like to present in detail our vision for the future development of the city. Why did we decide to become involved in this election? What should Tbilisi expect from us if we are elected? What will it be, we are confident to do the next four years? What exactly do we mean when we say that we want Tbilisi to become a true European-style capital of and to preserve its uniqueness?”

Tbilisi’s main problem is jobs!

Most of the jobs have to be created in the private sector. Most good help from states is not disrupting. Right laws, a stable and secure environment is necessary for employment. Political revenge destroys the economy, increases unemployment. Instead, we plan to:
- Cut taxes - including income tax cuts - 5%, which will enable business to expand and employ more people. It is clear that the primary job-creating recipe for all countries and all periods is lowering taxes. The more money stays in business, the more number of jobs it creates. It is a natural instinct for business to expand and the more business expands, the more people is in need - people qualification and excellent compensation.

- Oil and gas excise taxes - which will reduce fuel consumption by about 25 tetri and 8 tetri gas for the population, while the costs of production are less it gives the chance for businesses to employ more people. Fuel price drop need is going to talk about for many years. We offer the only realistic and non-populist way – to make fuel cheaper. You say that this is the lack of budgetary funds - Let's discuss what we prefer - money to stay in business and create jobs for us or the money to go into the government bureaucracy and growth? I think the answer is obvious!

- Business -related offenses and violations decriminalization - which will create trust between business and government and business to create growth stimulus. Political parties often start complaining - when there was more pressure on businesses? Whether or not the business is narrowing? In this case the most important is what will happen tomorrow? We all understand that if you business and state do not become partners and opponents - it will only deepen the unemployment problem!

- Tax amnesty - which will once and for all take out businesses from the shadows; Entrepreneurs should not have to fear that the state will deal with their past. They should think about the future - to become more active employers. The payment of customs and traditions have been introduced. Most businessmen prefer to be legal, law-abiding, honest citizens. Therefore, the sheet has to get out from past and look forward.

- A moratorium on new regulations - each additional regulation is a burden for business. They often say that government control such as bread, milk, personal vehicles and the quality of everything. Every reckless control increases the risk of corruption. But, there are jobs where corruption cannot be created. For example, the technical examination of vehicles, which the government plans to restore, it was just a trap of corruption and abolishing the machines did not become poorer. Today, there is more delicious, and a great assortment of baked bread than a decade ago, when it was checking the food inspection. Freedom to compete works out business processes and not controlling bureaucracy.

Suspended projects to be continued!

The City Hall is calm and predictable environment for businesses to create jobs. Of course we do not mean too much bureaucracy, countless agencies, departments and commissions. I mean real jobs, the government creates a large and strategic projects.
- It is necessary to continue and complete the projects of global importance, such as the city railway. This project is the implementation on the various stages - give jobs to 6000 people. Its extension to the case of several thousand jobs. More than half of it was done, but the work was stopped. The government has said it will continue the project, but the work has not been renewed. Such projects contribute to the employment of the government. In addition, the result is - a 100 -hectare area in the city center - for housing, for planting, for the opening of new businesses, development!

- It is necessary to update the project, Digomi – Didube connecting Highway Bridge. (Marshall Avenue - Samtradia Street). We hardly find anyone who does not recognize, that new roads along the river Vere and connecting tunnel gives new and unique development to the town. It is also necessary to create an entirely new reality of this bridge. Such necessary and unique projects creates jobs. Thousands of people are employed on bridges and platforms! The project is approved, everything is ready - the main thing is to work out it!
What would we do for young people? Their education and employment?
- First of all I must say that all young people have equal opportunity for learning and knowledge -seekers and to give them a chance to look to the future. Until now, the department paid social disadvantaged students only half of tuition fees. But because of non-payment of the second half a lot cannot continue their studies, and thus the chances of decent employment were reduced. I think that city should pay entire tuition fee to the students from poor families. Education is a prerequisite for poverty Response.

- Successful student is very motivated and promising protégé for everyone. We should all use this resource and propose them paid internship in the Municipality offices, boards!

Exceptionally talented and successful students in Urban Planning, architecture, engineering, construction, social workers and other trades, will be funded to continue their studies in leading foreign education institutions! It will be a great investment in the future!

- Today a free Wi Fi - Tbilisi loves you works in Tbilisi. Capacity is clearly insufficient. We need to improve this system. In addition we should finance free internet at home to the socially excluded students! Because I believe that access to knowledge is the best guarantee of future employment
Pedestrian -oriented infrastructure of modern European capitals! The more comfortable pedestrian citizen are, the more free is city, the more environmentally friendly urban environment, the more secure and comfortable with its streets!
Capital needed the modernized politics of the past years. Motor roads, bridges, overpasses - there is no modern city without it! But one eye glance is enough - the city will turn into one big traffic jam. How paradoxically it may sound, building new roads, bridges and tunnels will deepen this problem.
What we need to do in order to free our city? How people feel in a pedestrian priority to human beings. Modern cities development strategy, is walking citizen -oriented. If the axis of the city harmoniously developed people will be walking. It should be provided with car, a bus, road and other infrastructure. I want to offer my vision in the development of:
Pedestrian’s people means:
• Public transport;
• Walking and recreation areas;
Sidewalks and pedestrian environment for customers.
75% of the population are pedestrians, public transport users. Therefore, the priority is to you, you must be a pedestrian in Tbilisi.
To achieve this goal we offer:
- Complete renovation of bus fleet over the next four years; the new buses will be more comfortable, environmentally friendly and adapted for disabled citizens.

- It is necessary to further develop the subway. Tbilisi Metro city of great wealth and stop the ongoing projects is a big mistake! We should finish new stations. For example, the new station has been suspended by the University and the high-rise project should be continued and completed!

- There is a modern tram project, which will be carried out. Besides the fact that it will be a breakthrough in terms of sustainable transport - public transport will increase the availability and effectiveness of several

- A unified network transport parts to make a rope. Metro station connecting Samgori and Vazisubani, Lisi and the Turtle Lake, Rustaveli Mtasminda park connecting cable systems.

Because of relief cable will have the function of quick and pleasant transport.

Everywhere, accessible, comfortable public transport
Which includes both new and existing transport links comfortable transport into action, as well as the appointment of new lines in both the domestic and long distance throughout. But most importantly, I would like to tell you about the benefits of a wider system that we have developed:

- The benefits of a public transport system that includes free travel for schoolchildren, traveling at a reduced price for students, socially excluded people, teachers. I think the city will have to improve the benefits system.

I offer the benefits of building a new system:
- The use of public transport will be free for all students, all school children, pensioners and socially vulnerable citizens.
As before school children traveled free, like them free travel will be given to people who had had only partial relief. I repeat - students, socially disabled, pensioners and teachers!
System for all the rest - instead of the fixed price of 50 tetri to 20 tetri fee for public transport and metro!

- Sidewalks to be released from machines. This needs pedestrians. To do this, it is necessary to build as many different spots, so a modern underground car parking. Today are 30 000 parking places and all of them are occupied by a street or sidewalk. It's a big problem. We need 70 000 new car parking. Such parking technology and types vary. Projects are existing also highlighted in places - most important of these is to work out such projects! The only way to achieve harmony between a pedestrian and a vehicle for enjoying the capital

- The issuance of a construction permit to reinforce the appropriate number of car parking demand and it should be strictly regulated to protect;
For Tbilisi, as a European country, a pedestrian -oriented concept is essential for the city's recreation areas, gardens and parks development. Also building new parks.
Green area or construction? - This strategic dilemma is not only Tbilisi, but all growing and developing current cities. We must manage, together with society and active citizens the right communication, not to damage others interests.
In recent years, a number of parks and gardens were equipped - leisure and recreational areas should be with strict regulations to protect valuable funds from the city budget and provision of new, green zones, their creation and development.

Affordable Heating and hot water for Tbilisi residents

- Nadzaladevi district, Temka settlement has been tested in the Helios system performance in terms of efficiency. This experience has been widely introduced. Solar energy and synthetic gas system reduces utility costs by 30 percent and 24- hour hot water supply provides for safe heat ! It considers employment of three men in 5 building, in total 8 000 - local residents.

Tbilisi - the meeting place of regions

In 2015, Tbilisi will host the Youth Olympic Games and the European Football Cup Supra. Each such event is the city's growth potential, it makes a multifunctional, multi- Meeting place: business, recreation and tourism. Tbilisi had an ambition to be in the historical center of the region. Today, it has the prerequisites to become a regional center. This requires, in partnership with private and municipal sectors, building space to build at least 5,000 international conventions, forums and a large measure of acceptance. This is only one object in 3000 to create new jobs. Will promote the development of hotels and services.

Tbilisi Safety is paramount!

In recent years, Tbilisi deserved status of Europe’s most secure capital. Safety is not just a dry crime statistics. First of all, it is a human feeling, whether to feel safe and secure in the city or in the country. In this sense, the shape of police and the police to work effectively together, educated, well-groomed and clean streets, squares and gardens. Protected and lighted hallways. City Hall’s job is to care for the security of citizens and the central government.

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