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Action program of citizens’ political union “Reformers”
Action program of citizens’ political union “Reformers”
Citizens’ political union “Reformers” was founded in 8th April of 2014. Priority directions are: Foreign Policy – Western Direction. Economic – Development of free market economy.

Territorial integrity and security
- Georgia’s integration in European and Euro Atlantic organizations will be guarantee of country’s security and territorial integrity.
- International society’s continuing policy of not recognition Georgia’s occupied territories and recognizing ethnic cleansing and ethnic persecution in these regions.
- Establishing such economic policy and democratic values in the country that will make attractive Georgia for our citizens living in the occupied territories.
- Georgia will continue negotiation with neighbor countries based on peace, good-neighborliness and equality principles.
- Development of effective cyber and national security systems.
- Economic and energy security policy.

Foreign Policy
- Georgia’s integration in NATO and European Union.
- Negotiation with United States as it is Georgia’s most important strategic partner, which actively supports sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country and formation of strong democratic institutions in Georgia.
- Development of European integration processes.
- Open, partnership and free trade - economic relations with all countries based on the principles of collaboration.
- Deepening relations between Caucasus countries.
- Trade and economic negotiation with Turkey.
- Strengthen Georgia’s function of transit and energy corridor.
- Successful participation of Georgian army in NATO missions, taking a significant part in ISAF mission.
- Relation with Diasporas.
- Fight against international terrorism and transnational organized crime.

- Diverse and attractive, free economic and investment environment, free trade connections to large and promising markets, freedom of movement and providing capital, goods and services.
- Formation of competition supporting state policy based on free market principles.
- Formation of small business supporting state policy based on free market principles.
- Liberal investment environment and equal conditions for domestic and foreign investments.
- Stable economic development, liberal and free market economic policies, reduced tax rates, small number of licenses and permits, simplicity of administrative procedures.
- The transfer or sale of state property (which is not necessary to perform the state functions) through public and open auction.
- Security of property rights.

Taxes and Fiscal Policy
- Fundamental tax reform.
- Changes, additions and amendments in “Georgian Tax Code” only after pubic discussions.
- Maximally exclude from tax laws difficult explainable and the double-read regulations.
- Liberalization of tax administration components, reducing tax control mechanisms and simplification of procedures.
- Prohibit the practice of pre-sealing, to stop the current activity and seizure of business, especially small business, except single cases strictly defined by law.
- Simplify the system of fines, the fines and rates must be adequate to the crime or violation and mustn’t be the reason for termination or suspension of business.
- The reduction of existing tax rates.

Healthcare and Social Maintenance
- Reforms for development insurance system will continue to achieve high quality healthcare, people should have an opportunity to get high quality healthcare service, they will have a choice to be involved in public or private insurance schemes.
- Special programs will be created for prevention and treatment dangerous and contagious diseases.
- The employment contracts of medical staff must be regulated, in order to maximize protection of their rights.
- Systematically improve quality of primary and emergency medical care.
- We consider that on one hand there must be a basic pension in the country that will be connected to the subsistence level and depending on the inflation it will be indexed, increased annually. Different categories of pensioners will benefit with basic pension. On the other hand, we must introduce a pension savings scheme. In personal accounts of employed citizens will accumulate part of the income tax paid to the budget. After retirement they will get as basic pension as well as the savings.
- Special pension rate must be introduced, persons with disabilities and veterans will be granted with it. The amount of the pension rate must be more than subsistence level with 30%. For veterans and disabled people who have single status and don’t have ability of independently movement and self-care, pension rate must be doubled.
- We consider that Housewives, who bring up more 3 children and manage the household chores, should be socially protected. They should get monthly support as the minimum salary at public service, health insurance and the state pension in future.

- Education system must be depoliticized, increase the autonomy of schools and universities.
- It is necessary to develop further competition among universities, more integration of teaching and research and strengthen the autonomy of universities.
- The government should encourage the strengthening of university science. In order to solve scientists’ everyday problems and support further development, significantly increase funding.
- System of teachers’ professional development and training must be improved.

National Minority
- Protection of national minorities’ rights and civil society development. In order to form a genuinely pluralistic society it is necessary to equally involve multi-ethnic and multi-confessional population of Georgia in the country’s public and political life. Teaching Georgian language to the national minorities must be supported, also their integration, education and economic development.
- Support education of national minorities and active learning of Georgian language.

- Agriculture is a basis of country’s economics. Strong Village is a guarantee for providing people with cheap and quality products. Government must support peasant households with supplying modern technologies, cheap and long-term loans, agro-insurance and budgetary subsidies.
- We must support development of family farms by providing them long term and low percentage loans.

Sport and Youth Policy
- Maximum involvement of young people in different sport events, promoting healthy lifestyle and creating necessary conditions for attracting young people in sport.
- Improvement of sport policy, preparation of specialists, experts, their social legal protection.
- Finding investment for developing Georgian sport.
- Implementation of the latest scientific technologies in the process of training and competition for National sports.

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