"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
№ 17 - "Assembly of Unity"
№ 17 - "Assembly of Unity"
Political party “Unity Hall" setting reason was nomination of Batumi mayoral candidate by the initiative group. Whereas, the Government Law reshuffle, only political party or political union has the right to present candidate, the group has decided to make a loud statement to say the country's development and management processes, and the idea to create a party was born. Party was registered in Batumi city and covers a large part of Georgia. Active participation in the elections is the next Plan. “Unity Hall " has currently nominated a city of Batumi Mayor and City Council majority and the party’s list of candidates. Also, in the regions of Gori - a candidate for mayor, city council majority and the party's list of candidates, Zugdidi - Governor candidate, Poti - majoritarian and party- list candidates, Tbilisi - MP candidates and party lists, Akhmeta - party list candidates, Bolnisi - majoritarian candidate, Shuakhvei - City Council majority and the party's list of candidates, khulo - candidate for governor, City Council majority and the party's list of candidates, Batumi - a candidate for governor, the council majority and the party's list of candidates, Kobuleti - City Council majority and the party 's list of candidates.

After winning in the first elections, “Unity Hall“will begin preparations for the presidential and parliamentary elections.
The right-wing party's political platform. The course of Western, the country's basic national values for maintenance.

“Unity Hall " is focused on the following values: more female politicians and a fresh, clean history, outstanding professionalism and faces with love for the country, Party believes that all sectors are of priority to Georgia. Chief motto: Unity in the future!

E-mail: unityhall2014@gmail.com

The Home Office: Av. Batumi, Gorgasali Street 149,

Tel: 577 72 80 00

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