№ 11 - "Irakli Glonti - Reformers"
№ 11 - "Irakli Glonti - Reformers"
Citizen’s political Union “Reformers “was founded on April 8, 2014. Necessity to create the political unification was provoked the country’s social and political processes. For the revenge of two contradicting political unions - the "National Movement” and “Georgian Dream" current government does not care about the country's economic development, it has not clear political and economic strategy. Amid widespread economic downturn, unemployment and government inaction, the government tries to control people with a single time social projects. Repeatedly deceived citizens by Mikheil Saakashvili and Bidzina Ivanishvili are widespread in the political and civic nihilism.

That's the reality that raised the demand to see in the political arena people who are not associated with any of the previously acting suspicious party. Creation of political party "reformers" was a response to the request of the voter

"Reformers” - a right-wing liberal and Western-oriented political party

"Reformers” - this is the team that has defined the country's foreign - domestic political and economic vectors.

"Reformers” - a party whose action plan focuses primarily at boosting the country's economy, a healthy investment environment in the process of agriculture, education and health systems improvement.

"Reformers" - is a team of successful businessmen, lawyers, economists, representatives of non-governmental group that has enough professional experience to perform an action program for each point and do not cheat people once more with empty promises

Together with you we will change the reality