"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
№ 7 - "In the name of the Lord - Lord Our Righteousness"
 № 7 - "In the name of the Lord - Lord Our Righteousness"
Motto: Voice of Lord - Voice of Nation
Political direction: right centrist
Main program priorities:
Economics: establishing the Georgian style of life - present market economics represents a distorted version of
the Georgian style of life
Foreign Policy: Georgia should adhere to position of active neutrality, this means Georgia should become the
central state in Caucasus region.
Territorial Arrangement of the state: regional (Georgia has been a unitary state based on regional principles from
ancient times).
System Arrangement of the state: the party and organisation aim to support establishing theocracy principles, this means rule of Lord, the rule of Jesus Christ after the Second Advent
Date of founding: 1992; first registration: 04. 02 1992; new registration 02. 27. 1998
Founders: M Saluashvili, Bejhan Shergelashvili, Suliko Palavandishvili, Temur Goksadse, Tamar Lobjhanidse, Koba Makhauri.
We are members of the organisation "Mrgvali Magida" (Round Table) created by Zviad Gamsakhurdia, this means our party supports the legitimate government of Georgia.
Organisational structure: satatbiro (once every 4 years) - darbasi (is elected for a 4-year term, 9 members: Mikheil (Gela) Saluashvili - a chairman of darbasi, Bejhan Shergelashvili - a co-chairman of darbasi, Suliko Palavandishvili- a co-chairman of darbasi, Vajha Mamrikishvili - a co-chairman of darbasi, Tamar Lobjhanidse - an executive secretary, Rostom Kutalia - a chairman of human rights protection committee, Koba makhauri - a chairman of "300 Aragveli" fraction, Otar Gotsiridse - a chairman of "Vajha Pshavela Society" fraction) - Mikheil (Gela) Saluashvili - a chairman (is elected at the satatbiro for a 4-year term, last elected in 1998).
No of members: 1334 (all active)
Regional organisations: 9 regional and 52 rayon organisations
Printing body: a newspaper "ARCHEVANI", founded in 1993, monthly, 1000-1500 copies, price: 50 tetri. A
newspaper "ZVIADIS GZA", founded in 1996, monthly, 1000-1500 copies price: 50 tetri
Address: 39 Chitaia St., Tbilisi.
Phone: 956231
Contact person: Mikheil (Gela) Saluashvili - a chairman of darbasi, home phone: 636336
Political background:
The party participated individually in 1992 parliamentary elections, received 71095 of voices, and did not have a representative in the parliament.
Pre-election program priorities: Restoration and establishment of broken justice in Georgia. Restoration of Georgian style of life in the country.
The party participated in 1995 parliamentary elections in the bloc: "Zviadi Way, Voice of Nation" (together with the Party of Georgia Revival), received 1.2% of votes and did not have a representative in the parliament
The party did not participate in 1998 local self-governing bodies' elections, as the majority of the party members are members of sakrebulos (councils), from the first local self-governing bodies'1998 elections and juridical maintain their deputy rights.
The party supported Zviad Gamsakhurdia in 1991presidential elections.
The party did not support any candidate in 1995 presidential elections.
The party does not support the present government course. The reason: the present government is a law successor of the military council that came to Georgia by violence, therefore their juridical existence is not legitimate, and our aim is to restore broken justice.
The party does not take part in 1999 elections, as the party aims to support establishing theocracy principles, and these will be realised by the rule of Lord, the rule of Jesus Christ after the Second Advent.
Chairman: Mikheil (Gela) Saluashvili (born 1958, in Tbilisi), an engineer-constructor, an arts critics, assistant professor, Ph. D. in technical sciences. In 1980 graduated from the department of construction, at Politechnical Institute of Georgia, in 1989 graduated from the department of arts criticism at the Tbilisi State University. Professional experience: 1983-1988 - assistant at the department of Metal Constructions, 1991-1993 - an assistant professor, then deputy chairman at the department of Metal Constructions, 1989-1991 - assistant professor at the department of civil defence, since 1991 - a secretary of Tbilisi Saburtalo rayon sakrebulo (council), since 1992 - a chairman of the party. Political experience: 1992-1997 - a chairman of the Union of Justice Restoration - "Khma Erisa"' (Voice of Nation) darbasi, 1988-1989 - a member of the Ilia Chavchacadse Society, 1989-1990 - a member of Georgia People's Front's darbasi, 1990-1992 - a member of the board of the National Front-radical Union (a member of the Round Table).
Participated in 1995 elections by party lists, from the bloc "Zviadi Way - Voice of Nation" did not get an MP.
Married: wife Nana Saluashvili and 2 sons.

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