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Mikheil saluashvili - "In the name of the Lord - Lord Our Righteousness"
Mikheil saluashvili - "In the name of the Lord - Lord Our Righteousness"
Born in Tbilisi, July 16, 1958;

He graduated from Tbilisi #7 School [1975];

Polytechnic Institute of Georgia, faculty of Building Sciences, Industrial and civil construction specialist [1980];

Ilia Chavchavadze Tbilisi State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages ​​[German] [1980] And Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Social Sciences [art department] [1989];
Polytechnic Institute, Post-graduate studies [1986];

- 1987, December 11, he defended his thesis and was awarded with the title of "candidate of technical sciences";

- April 24, 1992 , the Technical University Research Council awarded Saluashvili with the title of assistant professor;

Working experience:
Student bureau "Construction" - [1979-1980 years];
Georgia Institute of Space Constructions [1980-1982 years];
Polytechnic Institute of Georgia, lecturer - [1983-1989 years];
Polytechnic Institute of Georgia, assistant professor [1990 -1991 years];

- In 1984, the "Young Scientists Club" member;

With the models of his own inventions he participated in:
"The achievements of young inventors exhibition", Bulgaria [1985];
The exhibition of achievements, Moscow, Russia [1987];

He is an author of 86 monographs including and 59 scientific works;

He has been an active member of The National - Liberation Movement since 1988
"Ilia Chavchavadze Society" member [1988]
"People's Front" member [1989-1990 years]
"The National Front - a radical union" member [1990-1992 years]

- 1991, the first member of the municipality of Tbilisi, council secretary (chairman)

The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Chairman

- He has two sons:
23 -year-old Saba saluashvili
21 -year-old Zaal saluashvili
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