Koba Dzlierishvili - ' Nino Burjanadze - United Opposition”
Koba Dzlierishvili - ' Nino Burjanadze - United Opposition”
Date of Birth: 1971-08-02, Rustavi


1977-1987 he studied at Rustavi 2 in high school;

1992-1997 in St. Tbilisi Technical University, Faculty of Architecture;

In 2009, he was awarded by the Scientific Council of the International Academy for a research assistant professor rank.

In 2010 by the Academy of Science of Ukraine (Plato) Prize.

Work Experience

1997-2000, he worked as an architect in Kvemo Kartli Department of Urban Planning and Construction;

2000-2002 was the “Project 2000" - director;

In 2004-2005, he worked at Town hall as the main architect;

In 2005-2006 he was in Japanese architect Shin takamatsu’s group and worked with the architect on the "bank" Sololaki business center.

2008-2010 he was Rustavi city’s main architect. Koba Dzlierishvili is author of 100 architectural projects (commercial and public facilities). His new project Lisi Lake, Tbilisi Hippodrome; Tbilisi - Vere District - residential buildings. Koba Dzlierishvili is the co-author of the Rustavi city’s development concept; and the founder of Ltd, “the architect".