"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Ivane Beridze "Georgia law enforcement veterans and patriotic political movement"
Ivane Beridze "Georgia law enforcement veterans and patriotic political movement"
Profession - teacher; Agronomist; Lawyer;

Date of birth: 03.03.1962, Mtskheta

Family - single;


Teaching, Ph.D. author of 15 scientific papers;

1979-1984 - The State Physical Culture Institute, faculty of Physical Culture and coaches;

1978-1984 - Minister of State Agriculture - Agricultural faculty
1986-1988 – Master’s degree;

1990 - Ph.D. Dissertation;

1995-1996 - a one-year course in the Academy of the Ministry of State Security;

1999-2003 BC - Tbilisi State University, faculty of law;

Languages: Georgian - native, Russian, French.

Additional qualifications and certifications:

The winner of the republican scientific conferences; Sports - Methodist; Master of Sports in rowing a canoe;

Work Experience:

1980-1989 BC – Sioni, Mtskheta sports school of rowing - coach;

1984-1988 BC - Mtskheta region. Physical education teacher in eight years school Ereda;

1987-1991 BC - Physical Culture and Sport Research Institute - Research Fellow;

1988-1994 BC - Senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Culture Institute of water sports;

1994-2004 BC - Ministry of State Security, at different positions;

2004-2013 BC - The Interior Ministry, in different positions;

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