"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Merab Khimshiashvili - “Unity Hall”
Merab Khimshiashvili - “Unity Hall”
Was born on March 27, 1968 in Kobuleti district.

In 1976 he began his studies at the secondary school in Kobuleti district.
In connection with a change of accommodation Studied in the school № 17 (1976-1978 years) The school № 9 (1978 - 1980 years), Kulo district high school (years 1980-1986 ), and graduated from high school in 1986 Shuakhevi.

In 1986 he enrolled at the Technical University in Batumi branch, from which he graduated in 1994, specializing in industrial and civil construction engineer, graduated with honors.

1986-1988 he served in the Soviet Army.

1988 -1990 he worked in "sakmtavarenergo" - an engineer on the construction department.

1990-1992 he worked as the executive engineer of the department of housing.

1996-1998 he worked as chief of staff and a member of the Supervisory Board of JSC “motorists “.

In 1999-2004 he worked at JSC “motorists” - Director General

In 2004, together with likeminded people established opposition party “Unity Hall " and along with the "Our Ajara" was participating in the political process .

After the 2004 Revolution together with others, in order to contribute to political and business development set up “Union of Entrepreneurs.”

In 2004 he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy (curatorial areas: the construction, tourism and the development of statistics).

In 2004, he led delegations to the Department of Tourism, Istanbul, Berlin, Kiev, Tbilisi international exhibitions.

In 2004, with his leadership was prepared. Batumi housing development concept.

2005-2009 he worked in the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara chairman of the Department of Statistics.

In 2009 he was appointed after the elimination of the Department of Statistics in Statistics Department, where he works to this day.
In 2010, together with the Statistics Department of Agriculture delegation mission travelled to the United States Department of Agriculture seminars.

According to the leadership of parliament was presented in 2010 by the National Statistics Office of the Supervisory Board. Unfortunately due to the family tragedy refused.

On 28 February 2014 Constituent Assembly was elected by the political union of the “Unity Hall “as the chairman.
Until now, he has never been a member of any political party. However, since 1989, actively participated in the political process.

He has a wife - Nino Miqeladze
Child - George Khimshiashvili

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