Giorgi Chkhaidze - “Labor Party of Georgia”
Giorgi Chkhaidze - “Labor Party of Georgia”
Date of Birth: 1954-04-16, Batumi


In 1971, Giorgi Chkhaidze graduated from the N1 City public school. The same year he became student of Iv. State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology (Philosophy) and graduated in 1976. Later he worked in the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Research Institute for Economic and Social Research, as chief research officer.

Since 1983, he taught at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow Sociological Studies - Scientific- Research Institute of full-time graduate school.

In 1987, he began a dissertation in sociology, was awarded the scientific quality of the specialty.

Work Experience

Giorgi Chkhaidze together with scientific work delivers lectures in the University and the city's other high schools, sociology and philosophy. Also, actively involved in politics and the independence. In 1991 he was elected a deputy of the Supreme Council and the city council of blocks - ' Round Table - Free Georgia “. Currently, Giorgi Chkhaidze is working in Sh. Rustaveli State University, a senior scientist at the Institute of Niko Berdzenishvili. Giorgi Chkhaidze holds a degree of Philosophy Doctor. The main directions of scientific sociological studies.

Marital Status

Has a wife - Tamar Robakidze and two children.