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The Central Election Commission Introduced to Media Information on Ethnic Minorities
The Central Election Commission presented information to media on the activities ensuring involvement of ethnic minorities in electoral procedures. For ensuring equal electoral environment 340 election precincts were created in 12 election districts according to the places densely populated by ethnic minorities. Number of commission members, representing ethnic minorities in election precincts amounts to 2 446, including 62% Armenians, 37 % Azeri and 1% of Russian, Avarian and Ossetian commission members. Trainings for ethnic minority commission members were conducted in relevant ethnic minority languages.

Almost 15 types of election materials were translated in Armenian and Azeri languages, including voters’ lists and ballot papers. Georgian- Azeri bilingual ballot papers were printed for 200 election precincts in 9 districts and Georgian-Armenian ballot papers for more than 130 election precincts in 7 districts. In Marnruli election district 4 precincts were provided with trilingual Georgian-Aemenian-Azeri ballot papers.

Within the framework of the CEC informational campaign 10 video spots, aired by the public and 24 regional TV broadcasters, were translated in ethnic minority languages. In addition, by the initiative of the CEC and in cooperation with the public broadcaster informational digests on election topics were translated in Armenian and Azeri languages.

To promote awareness of ethnic minorities, projects of ten NGOs were financed by the CEC Training Center and 6 NGOs - by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). Within the framework of these projects information campaigns were conducted for the Azerbaijani, Armenian, Ossetian, Roma, Kist, Udis and Avarian ethnic minority representatives living in Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti. The special attention is paid to increasing participation of women and their role in the electoral processes.

The unified voters' list on the CEC official web page is available in ethnic minority languages including Armenian and Azeri. In addition, the CEC call center provides information in Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian languages.

At today’s briefing, Ekaterine Azarashvili, the CEC Spokesperson, underlined the importance of informing the ethnic minority young voters and their participation in election processes. For this purpose the CEC hold meetings with the ethnic minority high school students. The debates were also conducted on “The role of elections for the development of the democratic state” at Samtskhe-Javakheti and Telavi Universities.
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