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Turnout was 6.84% by 10:00 am – CEC
Turnout was 6.84% by 10:00 am – CEC
117 409 voters have participated in the second round of local government elections by 10.00 am, which is 6.84% of voters, Central Election Commission spokesman Eka Azarashvili said at a briefing.
According to her, the data is 1 % higher than the same data during the June 15 elections.
The turnout of voters is 6.9% in Tbilisi, i.e. 63 253 voters.
As for the turnout according to districts, the highest activity was recorded at this time in Khoni, where 13.2% of voters have already participated in the elections. The lowest activity is in Batumi with 4.6%.
The second round of the municipal elections is being held in 28 precincts.

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