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Election administration is fully ready to conduct the second round elections – Tamar Zhvania
Election administration is fully ready to conduct the second round elections – Tamar Zhvania
The Chairperson of the Central Election Commission, Tamar Zhvania, held a summarizing briefing on the preparation process for the second round of 2014 municipal elections, noting that the election administration is full ready to conduct the second round elections.
“Tomorrow, second round of 2014 municipal elections will be conducted and voters will elect Mayors of eight self-governing cities and Gamgebelis of 13 municipalities. The election administration is fully ready to conduct the second round elections.
Tomorrow, at 08:00am 1,525 election precincts will open for polling. Each voter will receive one ballot paper (Mayoral or Gamgebeli). The precincts have already received ballot papers, protocols and all the other necessary materials. All commission members have undergone the necessary trainings and are ready to conduct the elections.
Representatives of the relevant election subjects, as well as observers of international and local organizations and accredited media will observe the second round municipal elections. The credentials of the mentioned observers have been prolonged for the second round.
The polling process will be completed at 08:00pm and after the CEC receives summary protocols from the Precinct Election Commissions, the documents will be immediately uploaded on the CEC webpage results.cec.gov.ge and everyone will have an opportunity to observe the process.
On polling day the CEC will hold the first informational briefing at 08:30 in the morning and during the E-day will regularly provide the voters with the information on voter turnout and polling process in general.
Please note that during the E-day the CEC call centre (2 51 00 51), online chat and online operator (www.cesko.ge ) will work for 24 hours. Please provide any information related with the elections.
I would like to remind all electoral stakeholders that according to the election legislation, agitation is prohibited inside the polling stations during the E-day. On July 12, it is also prohibited to air free or paid TV and/or Radios advertisements and publish public opinion survey results 48 hours prior to the E-day and until 8pm on the Election Day.
At the end, I would like to call upon the voters to actively participate in the elections and urge all the election stakeholders to ensure the conduct of free and peaceful elections.
I wish all of you successful elections!’’ – Tamar Zhvania declared.

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