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Gigi Ugulava transferred from Gldani to Matrosovi prison
Gigi Ugulava transferred from Gldani to Matrosovi prison
As InterPressNews has been notified from the Ombudsmen’s office, on July 5, late at night, attorneys of the Public Defender visited the accused Gigi Ugulava at the 8th penitentiary facility.
“As the detainee explained, he was taken to the isolation block of the prison. As Gigi Ugulava and the Prison Administration said, the ex-Mayor’s presence triggered a massive uproar from the inmates and in the wake of this the detainee was transferred to the isolation block.
As Mr. Ugulava declared, he refused to eat and urged them to transfer him to the ninth facility as in his words his life was under threat in the 8th facility. As the deputy director of the department informed us via phone, at dawn, Gigi Ugulava was taken to the 9th facility of the penitentiary system.

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