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Gigi Ugulava decides to withdraw his motion from court
Gigi Ugulava decides to withdraw his motion from court
Gigi Ugulava has decided to withdraw his motion from court. As the former Mayor declared, the court has delayed a session on reinstating him again. In his words, this ridiculous situation has put the present authorities as well as the Prosecutor’s Office in an extremely awkward position.
“The Court is under incessant pressure from the Government that has redoubled its effort to thwart the judge in rendering the verdict on reinstating a Mayor that was elected through direct elections.
The authorities are in a panic; they are so upset that they are even unable to think straight and comprehend that neither for the country nor for me it is of crucial importance whether or not I will enter my office for a week. The only thing which is of paramount significance now is the Prosecutor’s Office independence; this body must be freed from the Government’s unremitting pressure and must start making their own decisions.
The hapless state, the “disabled” officials of different state institutions is the greatest tragedy for our country. It is not so easy for us, the people that desperately fought to lay the foundation for a strong and powerful state, to look on how it is now being dragged into a ditch. That is the reason why I came to the only right decision in the present state of play and … to cut it short, I decided to withdraw my motion from the court,” announced Gigi Ugulava.
As Ugulava underscored his motion has yielded the desired result, and from now on in the second round elections, the residents of Tbilisi will elect their desired Mayor, and no one on earth will be able to illegally suspend the authority of a Mayor.
“Thanks to the filed motion, I will free the court with the Government’s unceasing pressure once and for all,” declared the ex-Mayor.
Reportedly, in the Municipal Court, the announcement of the final verdict on reinstating Gigi Ugulava has been put on hold and precisely this resulted in Gigi Ugulava’s decision to withdraw his motion.

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