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Court decision on Ugulava’s case to become known today
Court decision on Ugulava’s case to become known today
The judge Maia Shoshiashvili will announce the court decision on the issue of restoring the mayor’s authority at 17:00 today.
The judge left the court room to have a discussion once prosecutors expressed their position on the defense party’s mediation in relation to reversing of 22 December verdict, 2013, according to which Ugulava’s authority was suspended. In particular, the accusing party does not agree with the mediation and feels that taking such a decision is not the city court’s competency. Moreover, prosecutors consider that the first-instance judge has received the decision in relation to suspending the authority and the same-level judge is not authorized to rule on changing his colleague’s decision.
This position is unacceptable for Ugulava’s side.
As Ugulava’s lawyer, Gizo Ugulava told ‘’InterpressNews’’, he hopes that the court will make an objective decision. According to the lawyer, the position of the Prosecutor’s Office is not right.
If the court does not satisfy the mediation of Ugulava’s party, the lawyer has stated nothing about the next steps yet.

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