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Monitoring Committee of Council of Europe discusses municipal elections of Georgia
Monitoring Committee of Council of Europe discusses municipal elections of Georgia
The Council of Europe’s Monitoring Committee has discussed the municipal elections held in Georgia.
According to Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee of Human Rights Eka Beselia, there will be positive assessments regarding the elections. "I think attitudes and opinions will be positive given the preliminary assessments, announcements and conversations. As for the opposition, it is trying to portray that they were harassed by the authorities," said the MP.
According to one of the leaders of the parliamentary minority Chiora Taktakishvili, the Council of Europe Monitoring Committee is concerned about the violent environment, which has particularly been obvious in recent period in Georgia.
"My goal was to update them of the events developed during the local elections. I presented data about beaten and bloody supporters of the National Movement, which are being treated at hospitals. Naturally, this is incompatible with democracy and the rule of law, especially when no one is punished, and there is a reasonable suspicion that they are close to the Georgian Dream. I expect that the relevant document will fully reflect not only the election period but the pre-election period as well," said Chiora Taktakishivli.
The Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe had been discussing the municipal elections of Georgia for more than 2 hours. The committee drafted a special document, which was classified as "confidential" and its details will be announced at the autumn session.
Information about the session of the Council of Europe Monitoring Committee was spread by Rustavi 2 TV.

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