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Elections: More voters return to polling booths
Elections: More voters return to polling booths
Voters from polling stations across five districts are being asked to recast their vote after results were annulled at seven election precincts.

Voters in Marneuli, Khoni, Tkibuli, Zugdidi and Kobuleti districts will return to polling stations next weekend to recast their ballots.

A repeat vote will be held at seven precincts in rural districts, where the June 15 local elections results were annulled because of unlawful ballot-stuffing.

Earlier today the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced the repeat vote would take place on June 29.

The election authorities negated the results of two polling stations in Georgia’s Marneuli municipality after a video was released showing a man stuffing multiple election papers into an official ballot box.

Government officials from the Interior Ministry launched an investigation into the case.

At one polling station in Khoni municipality, in Imereti region, the ballot count process was disrupted after the precinct was raided and the ballot box was smashed.

At polling station N32 in Zugdidi, in Samegrelo region, the voting process was disrupted on Election Day.

Precincts where results were annulled and repeat polls will be held are:

- N25 and N57 Election Precincts of N22 Marneuli DEC;

- N22 Election Precinct of N55 Khoni DEC;

- N2 and N5 Election Precincts of N57 Tkibuli DEC;

-N32 Election Precinct of N67 Zugdidi DEC;

-N34 Election Precinct of N81 Kobuleti DEC.

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