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UNM members return from Baku
UNM members return from Baku
The members of the United National Movement, MPs Irma Nadirashvili and Zurab Japaridze accuse the government of Georgia of discrediting policy against the opposition and assert the law enforcers are still `listening` to the telephone conversations of the opponents. Yesterday evening, it was reported by various news agencies that the two MPs were detained at the customs check-point of the Baku international airport as they had electric shock devices with them. The ambassador of Georgia to Baku soon arrived at the terminal and talked with Georgian televisions by telephone confirming the detention, but later he changed his position and said the two MPs from Georgian opposition were arrested for taking undeclared half million dollar with them.
The two MPs arrived in Tbilisi safely and announced that there was no fact of detention and when they read the reports about the alleged crime, they were drinking coffee at the airport cafe. The other MPs from the UNM say they tried to mislead the law enforcers talking about electric shocks and a million dollar on telephone, which proved that the law enforcers are still listening to politicians.
After everything was clarified, Rustavi2 tried to contact the ambassador to hear definitions about his earlier reports, but in vain, he no longer answered the calls.
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