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National Movement majoritarian deputies rejecting bonuses
National Movement majoritarian deputies rejecting bonuses
The National Movement’s three majoritarian deputies are rejecting the City Council bonuses. Representatives of the National Movement - Kakha Brokishvili, Shota Qurdadze and Mamuka Gugeshashvili – held a press conference in the City Council about the recent issue of bonuses.
At the press conference Mamuka Gugeshashvili said he had never received a bonus in the City Council, had not used the office car, had not gone on business trips and had been doing charity with his own funds.
"I and my friends are distancing ourselves from the noise, which is related to bonuses and we think that this is not a normal process when such huge bonuses are issued for deputies," said Mamuka Gugeshashvili.
He said that in previous years the City Council had never issued such large bonuses.
According to Kakha Brokishvili, he has been a member of the City Council for a year and a half and he had not received any bonus, not used the office car and has not gone on business trips. He said there are 15-20 deputies of the National Movement in the City Council who also have not received bonuses.
Shota Qurdadze noted that it is the duty of all deputies to serve people without any additional remuneration and no bonuses are necessary for this.


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